Miss Ripley bus scene

Plus, ,some exciting Can't Lose casting news.

Someone moves on to greener romantic pastures, someone nearly gets punched in the face, and someone else is in danger of dying. All of which is to say that new trailers for Heartstrings, Miss Ripley, and Scent of a Woman are out, and Choi Ji Woo's Can't Lose finally has a leading man.


Break out the soju and throw the confetti, because it appears that Shin has finally gotten over his crush on the charisma-sucking queen herself, Yoon Soo (no offence to fans of So Yi Hyun, but her character and performance in this are flatter than cardboard). I hope Gyu Won falls for Gi Young and makes Shin suffer suffer suffer.


Miss Ripley

I haven't been following Miss Ripley, but have been keeping up with recaps with a sort of trainwreck fascination. Miri is certainly an unusual Kdrama heroine and I'm very curious to see her ultimate fate.


Scent of a Woman

Second teaser for Scent of a Woman. Not much to say as it's only 30 seconds look, but it looks like the chemistry between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook is as smoking as hoped for. Also that moment where Seo Hyo Rim goes for the punch and Kim Sun Ah ducks it neatly is hilarious.


Can't Lose

And in casting news, who else is over the blue moon about the casting of Yoon Sang Hyun opposite Choi Ji Woo in her upcoming comeback drama Can't Lose? Yoon Sang Hyun is one of those actors whom I've always felt has had the short end of the stick - aside from Take Care of the Young Lady, which was a terrible drama, he's only had supporting roles, and I've been waiting for some time for him to get a leading role worth his talents. He can do both comedy and drama (though he's skewed mostly comic in previous drama roles) and has oodles of screen presence. Well, he's finally landed one, and it's a catch all right - opposite the Queen of Hallyu herself, Choi Ji Woo. And even though it's a rom-com, it should give him a chance to show more of a serious side than his last role as hyperactive Oska in Secret Garden, and perhaps even his Take Care of the Young Lady role as a butler, since in this one he'll be a lawyer. I'm not just excited for him, however - Choi Ji Woo is a great actress, even if she does get slammed for her overly weepy characters. Which is why I'm excited about her for the opposite reason of Yoon Sang Hyun - it will be a relief to see her in a non-melodramatic role for once. She also always has insane chemistry with the alpha male types she's cast with, and which I'm predicting that Yoon Sang Hyun will cast as.

The drama is about a pair of married lawyers who decide to divorce. That topic might sound dull at first glance, but I'm thinking Laws of Attraction, the thoroughly enjoyable Pierce Brosnan/Julianne Moore film about two divorce lawyers who get married, divorce, and in the process fall in love. I used to think that dramas about lawyers were boring, but that was before I watched and loved both Partner and Lawyers of Korea. The upside of lawyer dramas is that both leads are intelligent, articulate, and competent, which usually produces lots of witty banter and a minimum of the cutesy overacting so common to Kdrama heroines. Choi Ji Woo, like Kim Hyun Joo of Partner, is an actress who practically oozes dignity and intelligence, which ensures, thank God, that her roles generally reflect that.

I haven't seen the writer's previous dramas, but the director did Jang Hyuk's Thank You, which is one of the best dramas I've ever seen. This just shot to the top of my anticipated list. It's premiering next month, which is slightly worrisome - given that they just cast their leading man, they'll have barely shot a few episodes before it premiers, making them behind almost before they're out of the gate.