Choi Siwon

Only You, starring Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sub, is set to premiere on October 6th when it opens the Pusan International Film Festival. Han Hyo Joo is a blind girl while So Ji Sub is a boxer. The trailer begins with introductions from both Han and So (is not Han Hyo Joo one of the prettiest women alive? Definitely one of my biggest girlcrushes)


The first trailers for Choi Siwon's upcoming Poseidon have dropped, though they're rather low quality. They're almost as schiziphrenic as City Hunter's trailers were, with the first portraying the drama as all badass maritime action, while the second starts out as light-hearted Baywatch and ends on an equally intense note. For some reason I've been thinking of this drama as more of a comedy, but that's clearly not the case.



The trailer for Noriko Goes to Seoul, that drama special starring Lee Hongki of F.T. Island (non-music fans will know him best as Jeremy in You're Beautiful, the adorable kid who nailed that bus scene where he breaks down crying in front of Park Shin Hye's character) came out.


And lastly, on a non-Korean-drama note, a long trailer for Qing Shi Huang Fei (The Glamorous Imperial Concubine) an upcoming, highly-anticipated Chinese drama about an exiled princess who marries three ambitious kings in turn, has been released. The drama stars Wallace Huo, Yan Kuan and Ruby Lin.