Princess' Man photo

The above still from Princess' Man looks lovely, doesn't it? But before dipping into sageuk territory, let's check out the rom-coms.

Scent of a Woman
I'm starting to understand how this can be a comedy - there's an almost farcical edge to the way the drama goes about telling the story of a terminally ill woman (though I hope it doesn't stray too far in that direction). Kim Sun Ah is clearly playing her usual stubborn but slightly ditzy character (sigh), while Lee Dong Wook looks insanely hot (I do hope there's more to his character than your average "icy-rich-kid who just needs his heart melted by a good woman"). I don't think this is a particularly well-done trailer, as trailers go (too messy), but it scarcely matters since most of us will be checking in for the cast.


Singularly uninformative, but we have achieved Park Shin Hye crying! The angst can only go up from here hehe.


Princess' Man
And a second, slightly longer Princess' Man teaser. I have to say, this drama is looking more and more interesting. If I hadn't seen Park Shi Hoo in Prosecutor Princess, I would have suspected that with his baby face he couldn't pull off such an intense role, but since I did, I have very little doubt he can pull it off. Also, this drama just looks stunning visually.