image_realdisp.php?ImageID=2013022811024312616_1 Kakao Talk profile statuses of Trainee A and Park’s friend Kim, who are both involved in the ‘Park Shi Hoo Case’ have been made public. In the midst of strong conflicting statements in the Park Shi Hoo sexual assault case, Kim and Trainee A (who filed the lawsuit) are drawing attention with the status in their Kakao Talk profiles. While Kim and Trainee A initially seemed passive about taking part in the investigation, both have recently expressed strong determination in making their arguments heard through their mobile messenger applications and social networking sites. In Kim’s profile that was publicized by Daily Sports on the 28th, his status read “Fine, let’s do it.” This was a vast difference to his status that  remained blank until the start of the case. Prior to that, Kim had cut off all communication and became unresponsive when Trainee A filed a lawsuit against him for sexual assault. Additionally, Trainee A’s profile status read “A graceful person knows to take the fall when they are hit. While it may be right to give back what you get, stooping down to their level does not earn the respect of others,” along with a picture. Trainee A’s identity was revealed and listed in the top keyword searches previously in relation to the “Park Shi Hoo Case,” at which time she deleted all pictures of herself on her social networking site. Meanwhile it was revealed that Park offered Trainee A a settlement for 100 million won ($92,220 USD) but was denied. Since then doubts on the credibility of Park’s statements have increased in some circles. [Source:]