Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 2.29.32 PM A source close to Park Shi Hoo, accused on charges of rape claimed that "Trainee A' made unreasonable demands to Park Shi Hoo, such as taking care of her until she was 80 years old." According to Newsis 13th, the reason why a settlement wasn't made was because of Trainee A's demands that Park Shi Hoo pay to relocate her overseas, and take care of her until she turned 80 years old. The source also claims that Park Shi Hoo, who worried of tarnishing his public image, proposed a settlement of one hundred million won to Trainee A, but she rejected the settlement and requested that he take care of her for life. Currently, Park Shi Hoo, Trainee A and Kim are taking lie detector tests at Seoul National Forensic Service. [Source:]