Park Shi Hoo The friend of the alleged victim known as Trainee A (known in the Korean press as "B") has publicly apologized to Park Shi Hoo, claiming that she is “also a victim to Trainee A’s scheme.” “B” stated in an interview with on the 11th that “I didn’t know [Trainee A] was lying,” and that “Just like Park Shi Hoo, I also am a victim to [Trainee A’s] lies.” She added “If Park Shi Hoo was affected by the things I’ve said, I would like to send my sincerest apologies.” In an interview “B” had in February as Trainee A’s close friend “B” had said, “I spoke to [Trainee A] right after the incident and she said that she and Kim each had a bottle of soju cocktail and Park didn’t drink at all,” and added that “When [Trainee A] woke up, Park was already in the midst of engaging in sexual activity and Kim, who was completely naked, groped her and sexually assaulted her as well.” For this, Park has filed a lawsuit against “B” for defamation of character. “B” recently was caught up in rumors that she had plotted the entire incident with Park’s former management company’s CEO and that she was going to demand 1 billion won (about $900,000 US) to split. “B” has been investigated on two separate occasions in relation to the case. “B” added that “[Trainee A] is a close friend, and we’ve been so close for 4 years that I believed everything she said,” and added “As details of Kakao Talk messages were revealed over the course of the police investigation I realized [Trainee A] had backstabbed me and so I’d like to apologize to Park Shi Hoo.” [Source:]