20130301010828273 Details of the chat that Park Shi Hoo’s friend Kim had with Trainee A were revealed. Parts of Kim and Trainee A’s Kakao Talk chat from the day the alleged incident took place were revealed on Y-Star’s ‘Star News Live’ on the 28th. According to the report, at 3:41PM  on February 15th, Trainee A messaged Kim “I’m home,” and Kim responded by asking “Do you feel okay?” The chat continued and in their conversation between 3:58:36 and 4:25, Kim asked Trainee A “Let’s go clubbing later” and Trainee A responded “Man haha you said you’re going to [club name]?” Additionally, a friend of Kim said in an interview that “The whole thing was so shocking we didn't know what to do and things ended up the way they are” and that “He even received messages from her the night following the incident and they seemed like very good friends in the messages.” Kim’s friend also added that “Kim lives outside of Seoul and so is quite far from Cheongdamdong. He doesn't have his own car so he uses public transportation. Public transportation had stopped running at the time so Kim only slept at Park’s house and went home early in the morning” and continued that “He’s very surprised by everything. All details of the chat he had with Trainee A will be handed in to the police.” A lawsuit was filed against Park and Kim for sexual assault on February 18th. [Source: fnnews.com]