Cosplayer or not, these new pointy-ear earphones from China will make listening to music while being out and about that much more fun and even a little magical, instantly turning the wearer into a cute little elf straight out of a fantasy.

Offered from Chinese online shop Taobao, these elf earphones, called Spirit E666, only cost about 14 US dollars, which is great in some ways because they're so cheap, but for those who need their tunes to be sounding good, the quality will probably not be satisfactory. The earphones are obviously just a fashion piece, meant to look cute above anything else. But that being said, these earphones would make a perfect gift for anyone obsessed with elves, or your best friend or family member who loves Lord of the Rings. Maybe if these elf earphones do some business, Taobao can get some high-end versions made, so those who are conscious about both fashion and sound quality can really rock this supernatural accessory.

You can find these earphones on Taobao at


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