Now you can be Sailor Moon with a Disguise Pen of your own!

With all the hype for the new Sailor Moon anime series to air in July, it's no surprise that the merchandise is rolling out too! On March 24th, Bandai Corporation started taking reservations for their 2nd version of the Sailor Moon Disguise Pen of the "Moonlight Memory Series." Compared to the 1st version that came out in the 90s, this one is a lot fancier and elegant. The red jewel lights up when you press on the pen click, which causes the ball point tip to come out, allowing you to use it as a real pen. Imagine that, a 4800 yen (50 dollar) pen that you can actually use to write!

So the next time you have to sign an important document, impress those watching with your light-up Sailor Moon Disguise Pen! They'e available for purchase on Premium Bandai, Bandai's online shopping site, at

The deadline to purchase the pen is April 28th so you better move fast!