Recently we reported on Lee Min Ho's photo shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine and the interview in which he shared intimate thoughts on his personal life, happiness and his ideal woman. Now we have the behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot with extra comments from the reporter who did the interview with Lee Min Ho. This is Part 3 of the Lee Min Ho Cosmo special series.

The night before the photo shoot, Lee Min Ho performed his concert in Seoul. At the end of the performance, he walked around the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium to shake hands with his adoring fans. It was not prescheduled, which showed, once again, how he is a bright superstar who treats his fans well. The next day in the afternoon, a barefaced Lee Min Ho walked into the studio ahead of schedule and gave greetings to all the workers before he went to his dressing room. The whole time, he kept his trademark smile on his face. He did not have any security guards other than one assistant who came along with him.

After only half an hour for makeup, Lee Min Ho appeared in his princely handsomeness. His solid background and experience in modeling was evident. It would only take a little more than 10 minutes to shoot each outfit. Every photographer and staff member had nothing but thumbs up for him. Whether it was standing up, sitting or lying down, Lee Min Ho was in total cooperation. From time to time, you could hear his tongue making a clicking sound. There was not a female present who wasn't mesmerized by his charm.

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Here is the behind-the-scenes video from Lee Min Ho's photo shoot. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee drink (or a glass of wine) and enjoy!

By the way, he said in Chinese, "Hello Everyone, I'm Lee Min Ho," to his Chinese fans since the photo shoot was for the Chinese Cosmopolitan magazine.