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by Ahnmin Lee:

Ah, marriage. Full of joy, commitment, trust, and… disillusionment. The sad reality is that an ideal marriage that works out exactly as planned is about as common as a unicorn. So often we see dramas that are about the beginnings of a relationship: how two individuals, despite impossible odds, overcome obstacles to be joined by the power of love. That's all nice and pleasant, but everyone knows that relationships take work and none of them are a simple picnic on a perfect Autumn day. In light of that truth, we see a different type of love story emerge. One that's not about how a relationship begins, but how it struggles to remain intact.

Queen of Housewives 2

On the K-Drama front, we have The Queen of Housewives, featuring a married couple that openly acknowledges their affairs. So Hyun, the stoic wife that married rich Tae Joon, walks into her home only to be greeted at the front door by a fresh-faced youngster in a red bikini. She pays no mind to the mistress, wordlessly walking past her. "You do nothing for my heart or my body," Tae Joon tells So Hyun as she blankly stares back, her reaction impossible to read. Later, her feelings become all too clear as she sobs in the bathroom. She may seem lifeless, but her feelings are very much alive.

Treat Me Nice

Even the coldest marriages will reveal that underneath the mounds of numbness lies a heart that is still beating ever so softly. This is the picture we see in DramaFever Latino's "Treat Me Nice", a Spanish language drama about a marriage on the brink of falling apart. From the very first episode, we are plunged into José and Sofía's 27-year long marriage, which involves midlife crises, sexually confused children, an affair, and their own frustrations. But in the midst of turmoil, we get the sense that a love, however slight, is still binding these two together.

Treat Me Nice 3

It's human nature to want things to work out. We prefer harmony over discord, unity over separation. This is the driving force behind "Treat Me Nice" and what compels us to follow this couple struggling to rediscover their passion. It's not about a grandiose gesture of being desperately adored or showered with roses. Like the way the show is presented, in a very true-to-life fashion, it's simply about being Treated Nicely. Because in the end, those we are genuinely kind to are the ones we truly love.

Treat Me Nice