Most all of us have done it before. "Wait, don't touch it! Let me take a picture first!" Yes, taking pictures of the food we're about to eat, whether at a dinner party at home or in a fancy restaurant, is something we feel like we have to do. And besides just wanting to post your delicious meals on social media for your friends and family to see, there's apparently another reason we like doing this so much — and it's a scientific one at that.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing conducted by researchers from UC Sand Diego and St. Joseph's University in Pennsylvania, there is actually a benefit that comes with taking pictures of our food before we eat it. What taking pictures does is make whoever's waiting to eat the food have to wait to chow down, which, in turn, gives the eater delayed gratification, making him or her feel that the food actually tastes better. It's kind of like when you wait a long time to be seated at a popular restaurant; the food tastes delicious because you had to wait so long to put it in your mouth! 

Apparently, this delayed gratification caused by pre-eating photo-taking only happens when the meals are indulgent, such as steaks, sushi, desserts, etc. Taking pictures of oatmeal, for example, doesn't cause this perceived increase in yumminess. The reason for that is not really known, but rest assured — there will probably be another scientific study conducted by researchers somewhere, from some university, that will work on that mystery for a few years before they come up with an answer that will explain exactly why we don't get delayed gratification from taking pictures of super-healthy foods. So until then . . . bon appétit!

If it looks this delicious, imagine how it's going to taste!


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