This new invention could be the best-loved Valentine's gift, or the most-hated contraption used for barring unwanted advances. The "True Love Tester" bra was invented by a company in Japan to make sure that only those who pass the test can gain access to a woman's breasts.

According to Japan Times, "Ravijour's high-tech True Love Tester bra is equipped with sensors that analyze the pattern and speed of a woman's heartbeat to hold fast or unhook the clasp."

Hmm, we need a computer engineer to explain that. Better yet, we really need to see it in action!

Here's the video from Ravijour:

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How many bras has he tested?

The bra has a hidden sensor inside its cup, and sends wireless signals to a smartphone. (Are we talking about an iPhone app? Where is Jobs when we need him?) When the bra is worn, the app studies the heart's changing pattern and the duration of the change. It supposedly knows how to detect the different patterns resulting from different activities, such as jogging versus flirting.

It will only unclasp when the woman is interested in her romantic suitor; otherwise, it cannot be opened. Let's hope it doesn't ever unexpectedly malfunction!