They say you should "whistle while you work," but one boy in Chengdu China recently decided that it's just so much more fun to rock out. Pictures of the four-year-old named Ding Junxuan grabbing an iron bar at a construction site and treating it like a make believe microphone have gone viral.

The rocking photos have received over two million views on Sina Weibo and have netizens thinking that Ding Junxuan just might be a future pop star.

According to the boy's mother, Lin Cong, Ding Junxuan was singing a song by Jam Hsiao called, "The Duchess." The mother also said she was surprised to see just how much her boy was rocking out. The cute kid has been going to kindergarten for three months now, and I hope that he gets to sing and dance in every single class he takes from now on.”">Watch four rookie detectives fight crime under a hot-blooded, off-the-wall chief detective in You Are All Surrounded.