The other day in Japan, someone posted a photo online of a figurine wearing a hair scrunchie as a skirt. For some strange reason people thought that was “cool” and suddenly there’s been an online trend to put hair scrunchies on other figurines and action figures, and upload photos of them.

Because I personally find this trend funny, I went ahead and uploaded my own, which you can see below. Now I don’t actually have a figurine so I used my dog’s Santa toy (Hi Woo!) and I dressed him in a plain red scrunchy because unfortunately I don’t have any cool ones with glitter or anything (-_-).

Now below are 11 way cooler figurines dressed in scrunchies, 100x more awesome than mine! Super manly figurines and action figures dressed in girly tutu looking scrunchies!

Want to get in on this trend?! Send me photos of one your figurines wearing a scrunchy at by September 5th and I'll post them for the world to see!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE