This one's for all you ladies with puppies or kitties at home that you miss the moment you walk out that door. Trending in Japan is pet fingernail art, where people can see their pets anywhere they go just by looking at their own fingernails.

When you dress up, put on certain accessories, or do your nails, you don't do those things for other people; you do them for yourself. So if seeing your dog's or cat's sweet face when you're away from home is what makes you happy, all you have to do is get them painted on your stylish fingernails.

A number of nail salons in Japan will now put images of your pet on your fingernails and make you and your nails look cute and sexy at the same time. A lot of girls are taking advantage of this opportunity so that they can see the faces of their furry babies waiting for them at home while they're out and about.

If you think about it, you can literally put images of anything or anyone on your nails. Whatever you want, there's a nail artist that can get that on your nails for you. And if you really want to make it fun, you can always do it yourself!

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