Here's a Valentine's Day surprise that nobody would like, and we should also warn you that if you are currently eating something you might want to stop before you keep reading. A disturbing new trend has recently surfaced in Japan where women mix spit, hair and menstrual blood in the chocolates they make for men on Valentine's Day.

In Japan, when girls give chocolates to the boys they like on Valentine's Day, it's known as "honmei choco," which translates to "true feelings chocolate," but this chocolate contains way more than feelings.

One such woman posted, "This year too, I’m praying that I can succeed in love, and the time has drawn near when there will be lots of boys around who will eat my scary hand-made chocolates — that I’ve made by mixing in my own blood and spit — without even knowing it."

Another person said, "It’s Valentine’s in just two weeks’ time. All you virgins who’ve never received chocolates probably don’t know about this, but in hand-made chocolates from girls, at the very least, there’ll be blood and spit, and hair that has been ground finely in a mixer. Since these are hand-made from the heart, please be sure to eat them alone in secret ♥︎" YIKES!!!!

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Although we're hoping it is, no one knows for certain if the whole thing is a hoax. Either way, the trend is drawing a lot of attention as the thread of posts talking about these scary chocolates has already been re-tweeted over 15,000 times.