It's easy to ask someone to see their palm in order to tell them what their future might be, but it's much harder to ask that same person to see their nipples in order to predict their future. Despite this fact, it appears that nipple fortune-telling is becoming pretty popular in Japan. There's even a TV show about it.

The way that nipple fortune-telling works is by concentrating on "reading" the area around the nipple, the areolas. It can be done with both men and women, and the method is detailed in the book Become Happy: Areola Fortune-Telling, by Eri Koizumi.

Here is what each shape means about your personality:

Crabapple=You are intelligent and put an emphasis on being happy.

Blue Mountain coffee bean=You take your time showing emotions to your significant other.

Mango=You are a hard worker, enjoy your family, and are compassionate.

Gayla kite=You enjoy working and improving yourself.

Blueberry Shape=You like to show off.

Dart Target=You are pretty high strung, but also tend to give yourself a break.

There is also an areola color wheel which breaks down nipples by colors.

Strawberry=You often lose yourself because you are easily influenced by others.

Rich milk=When you are nice, it is both good and bad.

Bitter chocolate=You talk a lot and believe that you have a strong purpose in life.

Biscuit=You often try to escape from reality and you have difficulties forming your own opinion.

Oreo=You have an iron will, but are sometimes a little clueless.

Milk Chocolate=You are a balanced person, and can be both compassionate and strict.

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Here are some nipple hat images from a Japanese television show about nipple fortune telling. Note that it is important to wear the nipple to the side like a cool French beret.