There's a very good chance that if everybody had imaginary girlfriends or boyfriends we would all be a little happier. The only time an imaginary significant other might get mad at you is if you are talking to an actual significant other. Having an imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend would also be a very unique relationship status: "In a relationship...with my mind." One photographer created a series of photos that show what this might look like.

Incredibly inventive photographer Lin Xi made having an imaginary boyfriend a reality through a series of manga-inspired pictures. The photos came out on the micro-blog Sina Weibo around Valentine's Day and show a young woman on a series of dates with an imaginary boyfriend. Netizens have loved the photos, with some even wondering how they could get a real date with the young woman.

Trying on a shirt that fits very well for an invisible person.

This guy really loves food. I mean he doesn't "eat" it, but he loves it.

Is this a breakup? It better not be a breakup.

What would an imaginary selfie be called, an "imelfie?"

Total gentleman. Geez, real guys aren't usually this nice.

It could be love!

Of course, it wouldn't be fair if we left out the imaginary girlfriends as well. Here are some similar photos of a couple of that surfaced online last year.