Pixilated images are kind of like cool throwback versions of things we love. So why not carry over the same exciting trend of pixelation into hair? You might think that sounds impossible, and the idea of looking like an early Nintendo game could definitely be a calculated risk. 

But popular hair salon X-Presion in Madrid, Spain,  is having no problem incorporating pixelation into a slew of trendy hairstyles. The offbeat 'dos work by stylists implementing colorful cube-like waves into customers' hair. 

The vibrant hairstyles really seem to pop when the abstract waves are loaded with color, which give the hairdos an almost 3D quality. No matter what you think of the pixelation, it's definitely hard to look away from these intriguing hairstyles. 

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[Image credit: xpresioncreativos]

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[Image credit: xpresioncreativos]

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