speed_deeps The boys of Korean idol group SPEED held an emergency meeting regarding the upcoming White Day event for their official fan club, DEEPS. White Day, on March 14th, is a reversed Valentine's Day. On White Day, men reciprocate the love they received on Valentine's Day with the gift of candy. But to make this event particularly special and unique, SPEED decided to make customized chocolates for DEEPS. They visited a chocolate factory to learn how to make extraordinary chocolates from a professional instructor. All the chocolates are individually made, decorated, and packed in special boxes for all DEEPS fans with special messages from SPEED. Jong Kook, the main vocalist of SPEED, said, "At first the chocolates were coming out ugly so our members ate them all... but from time to time we snuck in ugly ones. I'm sorry, but you guys will understand us, right? We are sorry that we weren't able to get candies for White Day but I hope you guys understand how we feel." Watch the clip below: What do you think about their sweet gift service for their fans?