Thanks to a new trend that is sweeping Asia, taking selfies will no longer be a one or two person job. Selfie sticks are a new invention where one person holds a long stick-like contraption that connects to your phone or camera, making it easier to take selfies of several people. The point of the selfie stick is to include as many people as possible in a photo and also make the experience of talking a self much easier with better results.

The selfie stick trend is huge in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines which makes sense as Time has already named Makati City the "selfie capital of the world."

Prices for the selfie sticks are affordable, ranging from $18-$22. Many monopods already exist and can be easily found online. Monopods differ from selfie sticks in that they are more like smaller tripods, while selfie sticks are primarily used for self portraits.

These items are monopods, slightly different than selfie sticks.

Selfie Sticks!