When it comes to proposing to your future life partner, most guys stick to safe objects like champagne, diamond rings, and overpriced heart-shaped chocolates. One brave man, however, didn’t get the memo and instead proposed to his girlfriend by giving her 1,001 hot dogs.

28-year-old Wang proposed to his girlfriend Chen by spelling out “LOVE” on the floor with 1,001 hot dogs. And before you wonder why that particular number, there’s actually a very sweet story behind it.

Wang and Chen originally met when both were visiting Thailand. Standing in front a bakery that sold hot dogs, they spoke and learned that both were from Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan. They shared numbers and—like every rom-com we all love to watch on a slow Sunday afternoon—met up when they got back home, eventually becoming friends and inevitably falling in love.

So when Wang decided to pop the question—exactly 1,001 days after they had originally met—what better way to do so than with 1,001 hot dogs?

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Their friends were also present at the ceremony, and as Chen stood there shocked, all were yelling, “Mary him, marry him!” Before you start worrying about some kind of sad twist or ambiguous ending, fear not: Chen said yes and they are going to tie the knot soon. We wish them both the very best.

But if Chen and Wang don’t want heartburn to be their wedding day memory, they should probably ease up on the hot dogs and go with a nice cake instead.