Two stars of the popular Hong Kong series The Hippocratic Crush and its sequel The Hippocratic Crush II have married in real life. Their romance began when they met on the set of the drama, but they had to keep their romance a secret because one of them is the leading star. Find out more about their tumultuous journey in love.

The leading couple of The Hippocratic Crush I and The Hippocratic Crush II are top Hong Kong stars Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung. Kenneth plays a neurosurgeon who falls in love with Tavia's fellow doctor. Their pairing was so popular that their drama continued into a sequel.

Earlier this year, Tavia married her man in real life, but it was not Kenneth. It was the male second lead Him Law, who played an intern in the popular dramas.

Tavia Yeung and Him Law met on the set of The Hippocratic Crush I. When they started dating, they tried to hide it for a number of reasons. Tavia was a leading top actress, and Him was still a relatively newbie actor and even younger than Tavia by 5 years. Their romance wasn't perceived to hold much future prospect by others, but Tavia said Him was mature and gave her a sense of security.

Their dating relationship was discovered by Hong Kong's paparazzi. Over the last five years, the couple tried to keep work and personal life separate, while tabloid news periodically reported on possible breakups.

Apparently they've stayed committed to each other. By now, Him Law has also blossomed to be a leading man himself. On March 22, they married in Leeds Castle in England. The wedding was shrouded in secrecy with only family members in attendance, and the media only found out after photos were posted by a family member to Facebook.

The location of Leeds Castle was actually a dream come true for Him Law. He first saw it back in 2012 while filming another drama on location, and posted that he wished he could have a real wedding there someday.


Here's the question: When you watch The Hippocratic Crush I and The Hippocratic Crush II, can you tell that Tavia and Him were in a romantic relationship in real life?

DramaFever has had The Hippocratic Crush I, which won the highest ratings when it was on air and became one of the most popular Hong Kong dramas in 2012. The Chinese title "On Call 36 Hours" originated from Hong Kong's medical regulation that doctors are on call for a continuous shift of 36 hours. The highly anticipated sequel The Hippocratic Crush II went on air in late 2013 and is being released on DramaFever beginning today. Both series focus on how the doctors' professional lives and personal lives intersect as they pursue their medical calling.

And, it doesn't hurt to see a real-life romance behind the scenes, too!


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