A darling 5-year-old Filipino girl and her courageous blind father have been moving people all over the world since a video of her leading him through the coconut plantation where he works went viral. Just days after the video was shared on Facebook, people from all over the world started offering and giving the inspirational father and daughter financial assistance, which will be sure to change their lives.

With over 2.5 million views, the Facebook video shows 5-year-old Jenny guide her father Pepe “Dodong” Nelson through the coconut plantation where he works, climbing up to 60 trees a day to just to make around 300 pesos, or 6 US dollars, which is barely enough for the two to survive. Because Dodong can't see, he depends on his adorable daughter to guide him between the trees, where the two relax as little Jenny helps with lunch and the two enjoy big gulps of water and some crackers. Without her help, Dodong would not be able to make even the very little money that he makes. 

And now, thanks to the incredible video, which has caught the eye of local and international media, a charitable fund has been set up to help the two live a more comfortable life. Dodong and Jenny have already been taken to a hospital in Manila for basic check-ups, where Dodong was diagnosed, for the first time in his life, with retinal detachment and retinitis pigments. He will receive therapy in the form of "livelihood training," which will help him in his day-to-day life. In the very near future, both father and daughter will be relocated to a safer environment, where Dodong will no longer have to climb trees everyday while his little daughter watches from below. 

Despite his hardships, Dodong must know, deep inside, that having such an adorable and beautiful little girl as his own daughter makes him a very lucky man.