truth_newsA beautifully written drama about the nature of truth and love, Truth is the story of a deadly rivalry between two women. Lee Ja Young (played by uber hallyu icon Choi Ji Woo of Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven) as a poor, good-hearted student squaring off against her wealthy, ruthless classmate Lee Shin Hee (played by Park Sun Young of The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House).

Lee Ja Young and her father live in the basement of one of her wealthy classmate's families, for whom he works as a chauffeur. Although poor, Ja Young is a bright and driven high school student who consistently tops her class, sparking the jealousy of mediocre student and classmate Lee Shin Hee, whose house Ja Young lives in. When the college entrance exams roll around, Shin Hee's family, headed by her father a powerful senator, use a mix of bribes and threats to force Ja Young and her father into agreeing that Ja Young will take Shin Hee's test for her. As a result, Ja Young cannot take the test herself.

A year later, finally at college, Ja Young meets Jung Hyun Woo (Ryu Shi Won), the handsome and charming heir to a major company, who begins to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, Shin Hee has her sights set on him, and flies into a jealous fury. One night, the three of them go out for drinks, and on the way back, they get into a terrible car accident. Shin Hee, sitting in the driver's seat, wakes up while everyone else lies unconscious. She quickly switches places with Ja Young so that she will have to take the blame. In the wake of tragedy, the truth is blurred yet again...

A brilliantly layered exploration of lies and loyalty, Truth is considered a classic among Korean dramas, and was hugely successful when aired. Truth is also known by the English title Honesty.

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