Traditional fertility boosters are on our minds as we anticipate the new DramaFever Latino series The Donor, the hilarious quest of a man trying to find 144 of his offspring after a mishap at the sperm bank. In a traditional Latino home, chances are that grandma (dear abuela) had a home remedy for every ailment, including fertility issues. Let's look at just a few simple foods traditionally used to aid in fertility:
Pepas de Calabaza/Pumpkin Seeds Full, dry pumpkin seeds are full of nutritional values including proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. They are also said to be great aphrodisiacs increasing sexual appetite and desire. Now you know why that Jack-O'-Lantern is always smiling. Maca This energy enhancing plant from the Andes region in Latin America is said to increase libido and improve sperm quality. It is consumed in a variety of ways, traditionally using the dry roots, turning it into maca flour, or nowadays it can be found in most supplement shops. Never thought a plant could be so useful huh? Ceviche Ceviche is a delicious dish of fresh raw seafood that is marinated and cured in lemon juice and spices. The mix of ingredients and the marinade supposedly improve a man's sexual performance, which is why it has received such classy nicknames as leche de tigre/tiger's milk and rompe colchon/mattress breaker. Testiculos de toro/Bull's testicles Bull's testicles are predictably high in testosterone content, so they must aid a man's fertility and potency, right? That's what we've been told. Even better yet, they say they should be eaten raw for the strongest effects, but nobody (I hope) does that. It is traditionally eaten in a brothy soup. Much better. Although I hope most of abuela's recipe's will help you feel like this... There's a chance results might be more like this... Since tests for these home remedies are still being conducted, I'd recommend you wait and simply enjoy The Donor for now and join abuela to watch other novelas online.