MagicMirrorVirtualDressingRoom A department store in Banchiao, Taipei, Taiwan released the "Virtual Dressing Room" or "Magic Mirror" today! It is like playing with paper dolls except it's in 3D. Globally the first to be released to the public, consumers can now stand in front of the Magic Mirror and play dress-up with different brands. The device has been getting lots of media buzz. We included the video below with a reporter demonstrating the product: Many are amused by the product and see it as a great publicity tool, yet many brands have commented that while the idea is interesting, they still feel that most consumers will prefer to try on clothes the traditional way. The Virtual Dressing Room is available in Banchiao's Mega City. It features about 13 brands right now and has the ability to take photos and instantly upload them. What do you think about the Virtual Dressing Room? Would you rely on it, or do you prefer to actually try on the clothes themselves? (source:,,