Oreo Cookie Patbingsu sounds yummy right?! This is totally the summer of Patbingsu, and DF readers are testing it out with all sorts of fun ingredients! Patbingsu is a sweet red bean and ice treat that allows as many toppings as your heart desires! If you missed the recipe for patbinsu just click HERE to get started. One of our DF besties Bridgette so kindly dropped me an email with her Oreo version of patbingsu:
What do you know?! A couple weeks ago I actually made some Oreo bingsu with my Korean friends. I was staying with them in Korea for 3 weeks and decided to get a little crafty with our cooking skills! Hope it looks delicious! -Bridgette  

patbingsu oreo

Thanks for submitting your version of Patbingsu Bridgette! Tried making Patbingsu and want to show the world? Send me your taste review and picture by emailing me at KJohnson@dramafever.com KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE