We need your feedback! Here at DramaFever we've been working behind the scenes to bring you a better way to watch dramas. With our next version of the DramaFever video player, we tried to answer many of your requests, and bring you new features to make your viewing experience even more enjoyable. While we test out the player on a few series, we'd love to get your feedback! Let's take a brief tour of some of the new features of the DramaFever video player. Right away you'll notice that the player control bar is larger and easier to read and navigate (and don't worry, it goes away when you're not using it). See the "Subtitles" icon at the top right corner? One of the requests we hear from you most frequently is that you'd like to customize the way subtitles appear. Now you can! You can choose white, yellow, or white with a black background (which will show up clearly in ANY scene). You can also choose the size of your subtitles: small, medium or large. No more squinting! Want to watch without any subtitles at all? Now you have that option. Very soon, we will be adding the option of Spanish language subtitles, too! Now let's look at the "Share" tab. Watching an episode you know your friend would love? Send it to their email, or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with the touch of a button. You can even send out the episode to several friends at once! Sharing episodes helps our community grow, and makes watching dramas a lot more fun! Finally, let's look at the icon with the three dots in the lower right corner. This gives you control over your video streaming. If you've ever had trouble streaming video or episodes that take too long to buffer, we think you'll appreciate this improvement. Do you have a slower internet connection? Switch to Low to watch with fewer interruptions. Is your internet speedy, or would you rather watch in higher resolution? Switch to high and enjoy the show. Would you like to watch in 720p high definition? Premium members can enjoy a beautiful high def picture with the new video player! Don't want to choose? No problem, the player chooses the best picture for you, based on your internet speed. Where can you test out the new DramaFever player? We're asking our community to watch an episode of one of the following series which are now utilizing the new video player, and give us your feedback on the experience. The series currently using the new player are: Arang and the Magistrate Big Boys Over Flowers Brain City Hunter Coffee Prince Dong Yi Faith A Gentleman's Dignity I am Sam Jumong King 2 Hearts The Moon that Embraces the Sun My Lovely Sam Soon Personal Taste Rooftop Prince Running Man Secret Garden Strong Heart You're Beautiful Please test out the new player, and leave your feedback on the new player in the comments below. Thank you to all our viewers, and stay tuned for more big news from DramaFever!