Are you tired of your boring daily routine? Have you ever wished that your life was more like a K-drama? Do you love watching DramaFever, but hate the way it makes real life seem totally lame by comparison? Introducing DramaFe-VR, the virtual reality headset that turns your everyday blahs into K-drama hurrahs!

DramaFe-VR puts YOU at the center of all the drama! Boring meeting at work? Put on you DramaFe-VR and meet your hot new oppa boss. Plain old American breakfast? You know what to do! Now you have a delicious Korean feast. And don't forget how amazing showers suddenly become...

Made of high-density Romancelene, the most romantic polymer known to man, DramaFe-VR are top-of-the-line virtual reality glasses that are guaranteed to make your life as exciting as you've always dreamed.

DramaFe-VR debuts on April 1, 2019! Reserve your pair today so you can escape reality ASAP!