If you have been keeping up with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon then you have likely heard of poop wine. And if you are like most people watching the drama, you might have thought that poop wine was just a weird or gross joke thought up by the show's writers to illicit some laughs! However, and perhaps unfortunately, it turns out that poop wine is actually a real type of alcohol in Korea! Why would anyone drink a wine made with human feces? Read onto find out!. 

In the most recent episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Bong Soon's mother is seen giving gangster Boss Tak an alcoholic drink in order to apologize for her daughter beating him up... 

After chugging it down in one go, Boss Tak can't stop singing praises about the mystery drink going as far as to say that the drink has a very nutty flavor and that the finish is very clean! Seemingly very content with the gift Boss Tak goes onto ask Bong Soon's mother what kind of alcohol he has just had.

Bong Soon's mother tells him that because the alcohol is not yet done fermenting the best effects will be had in about a weeks time and leans into reveal to Boss Tak that the drink is "Ttongsul" (literally poop alcohol) Boss Tak's reaction to the revelation needs no explanation... 

Despite the disbelief of many viewers, and the general speculation that the alleged poop wine was put in the drama for humor,  it turns out that poop wine it is real drink!

Korean Ttongsul, is a drink made from fermented human feces and rice wine which resulted in a drink that contains a final alcohol content of around 9 percent. Dr. Lee Chang Soo, a doctor of traditional Korean medicine who specializes in Ttongsul, explained that the wine was historically used to treat broken bones, detoxify the body, relieve pain faster, and was said to offer long term overall health benefits.

Incidentally, it is said that the best poop to use for Ttongsul comes from children between the ages of 4 and 7 because their poop doesn't smell as bad.  

While poop wine was a real remedy, it is now largely a relic of the past. In fact, not many Koreans have actually tasted this drink and only a small percent of the population even knows the wine exists.

Would you be daring enough to try this wine? Let us know your thoughts below!


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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