Super Junior member and actor Lee Donghae is a winner, and he can thank his dinosaur-esque appearance for it! Apparently a poll asking the question, “Which celebrity with a dinosaur-like face is the most charming?” actually exists and was hosted by the online forum, DC Inside.

Donghae came in first place with a whopping 1,072 votes! That’s almost half of the 2,217 total votes! Jung Yonghwa and Kim Woo Bin took 2nd and 3rd place, and others like Jonghyun of SHINee, INFINITE member Dong Woo, and even BIG BANG’s T.O.P were also choices in the poll.

Now, a “dinosaur-like face refers to someone who has big eyes and prominent facial features, like that of a dinosaur.”

Umm, alright, sure we can all go with that nicely worded definition, or we can just be straight forward and say it refers to those with real strong jaws. I know I'm not the only one who can see THAT.

So what do you think? Did the voters get it right? Does Donghae possess the most charming face of the dino crew, or what?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE