Anyone can end up missing in K-dramas. Whether it be a crime, comedy or horror series, characters you never thought would fall victim find themselves in helpless situations. Why do they end up missing? The possibilities are endless. Today, let's take a look at nine innocent characters who fell prey and ended up on the K-drama missing persons list.

1. Jo Yoo Na- Lookout

Even though she was only missing for an hour or so, it was strange for such a happy little girl to run away without a trace. After her mom found her, little Yoo Na's life was in grave danger.

2. Im Sang Mi - Save Me

She voluntarily ran away from the religious cult more than once, but they refused to let her go. Her time on the missing person's list was very short-lived. 

3. Song Hyun Woo - Wanted

The whole series was devoted to finding him. Hyun Woo was abducted from a filming set, and the kidnapper forced his mom to obey his every command in front of a live television audience to ensure her son's safe return. 

4. Seo Joon Oh - Missing Nine 

He and Ra Bong Hee were the first two survivors of the plane crash, and they went through so much together in those early days. It was shocking that Bong Hee was the only one rescued in the beginning of the series. His disappearance was unfathomable.

5. Na Kyung Shim - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

With a best friend like Bong Soon, it seemed Kyung Shim was invincible. However, a menacing kidnapper targeted her because she was close to the girl with superpowers. Her disappearance was even a mystery to Bong Soon for awhile.

6. Yoo Hyun Jae - The Best Hit

One day he's an A-list singer on top of the world, the next thing you know.... he's missing. Even Hyun Jae couldn't figure out why he disappeared when he arrived in the future. When we finally learn the truth, it's earth-shattering. 

7. Go Eun Byul - School 2015 

A string of threatening phone calls/texts and one school trip was all it took before her life changed forever. She was missing throughout most of the series before we discovered the reason towards the end. 

8. Yoo So Joon - Tomorrow With You

After getting stabbed on his time traveling train, he disappeared in the future. So Joon's wife and friends couldn't locate him anywhere! If he couldn't return to them on his own, they would never see him again. 

9. Kim Hyun Ji - Let's Fight Ghost

Her human body was never missing, but her spirit was. She mysteriously disappeared from Bong Pal's arms one day to reappear in her own body the next.  Unfortunately, her memories with Bong Pal were erased when she became human again.  

Which character's disappearance shocked you the most?

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