The December 5th broadcast of tvN‘s enews visited the various businesses run by family members of idols. They visited the vacation house of G-Dragon‘s parents, where his father stated, “We conferred with Jiyong for the wallpaper and other decorations. It took us almost a year and three months to construct this. It took us about 1 billion KRW ($922,000 USD) for all the construction costs. We’re always thankful and both my wife and I are happy.” G-Dragon’s parents are set to use this home as a pension hotel where guests will be able to visit and lodge with rates beginning at $230 USD a night. The mothers of Leeteuk, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun run a coffee shop together in Apgujeong named Kona Beans. And Eunhyuk‘s mother also runs a Tous Les Jours bakery in Guro-gu. Yesung's brother manages the Mouse Rabbit cafe. Kyuhyun’s father runs three education academies in Taiwan. Nicole's mother runs a restaurant named Red Kitchen near Gangnam, and Kim Hyun Joong‘s mother runs a chicken restaurant named Jaksal in Ilsan. If you could hang out with one of these idol's families, who would it be? (Source: