TVXQ/DBSK member Changmin was photographed the other day on Garosu-gil street in Seoul shopping for bags in the boutique Helianthus. Wearing a halmoni (grandmother) inspired coat and ripped skinny jeans, Changmin, with his perfectly silky brown locks, studied two semi-unattractive bags.

The first bag, a brown, metallic honeycomb-ish design, was probably not the most attractive looking bag, but it seemed to play off of Changmin's hair and current outfit quite well.

The second bag, a cream metallic design, wasn't particularly ugly, just maybe a bit over-sized for its shape?

I'm not sure which bag Changmin purchased, if he purchased one at all, but based on the two options I hope he bought the first. Which bag do you think Changmin should have bought?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE