Welcome back to school, students! This week so much happened. So many truths were told, so many cats let out of the bag (seriously — it's like a cat circus in here)! No Ra's husband and son know she's a student. Husband Jerkface's affair has been exposed. Cha Hyun Suk found out No Ra isn't really dying — whew! Our heads are spinning! So join Tiara, Amy, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow, as we catch up and discuss all the campus dirt in episodes 5 & 6 of Twenty Again!

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Marakeshsparrow: *Stares blankly at computer screen* Wow. These last couple episodes were . . . revealing. I can’t believe so much has come to light so quickly! All the cats are out of the bag and running amok! Let’s start with the first reveal — Cha Hyun Suk’s sly way of bringing No Ra and her husband (Dr. Jerk Face) into the same room. Now No Ra knows Hyun Suk’s working with Jerk Face, and now he knows his wife is close with this hot-shot producer. HooHOO! I could see the possessive wheels spinning in that annoying head of his. It’s frustrating that even though he doesn’t want her, he doesn’t like the idea of someone else (especially someone like Cha Hyun Suk) having her either. What do you ladies think?

Tiara: I do believe you are onto something. Woo Chul wanted a divorce from No Ra back in 2011 yet he’s acting like a jealous child finding out that Hyun Suk and her are friends. He’s waiting up for her and asking questions about his wife he’s never asked before. It only proves how distressing and lonely No Ra’s marriage has been for the last twenty years. It makes me want to see the No Ra of her teenage youth more. It’s slowly coming back with the time she’s spending with Hyun Suk. Perhaps she’ll find out how much she’s changed for her husband and received nothing back from him and finally dump his butt. Still, I enjoyed seeing Hyun Suk playing a magical fairy godmother towards No Ra. Or is it godfather?

Amy: I spent these two episodes wishing No Ra would just give her husband a piece of her mind BUT I get why she isn’t ready to do that yet. I will settle with yelling at him for her. It will be more satisfying when she stands on her own two feet and then gets rid of him. Or at least I hope it happens that way. Hyun Suk as a fairy godfather was my favorite. He is the sweetest.

Marakeshsparrow: I loved all the sweet things No Ra’s fairy godfather was doing for her! Taking her to the movies and to eat food on a stick--so sweet! She needs to see how sweet and considerate he is (sure he thought she was dying, but still). 

Tiara: I love how Hyun Suk is being a producer by making No Ra’s bucket list come true. Despite the twenty years apart, he still cares for her. I mean he’s kept her grandma’s food still going.

Marakeshsparrow: Professor Jerkface on the other hand continues to live up to his name. I was so pissed that he demanded she quit school--though honestly not surprised. Ah, that brings me to another HUGE cat (tom cat) that was let out of the bag. Now Min Soo and her husband know she’s a student!!! I was particularly annoyed by how petty her son was being about the whole thing . . .

Tiara: Dr Jerkface and the son are on my naughty list. How much more self centered can they get? I’m happy she isn’t allowing them to walk over her by making her give up. She’s asked them both why she should drop out, but neither of them have a valid answer. This is the first time in twenty years No Ra has thought about herself first and her family second. It's about bloody time.

Amy: I love No Ra’s little acts of rebellion. I was cracking up when she was beating the fish to make pollack stew because she wanted to eat it and didn’t care if Dr. Jerkface didn’t. I really can’t stand Dr. Jerkface’s selfishness either. I think he needs to take some time to figure out what he wants before he ends up hurting his current girlfriend too. I don’t really care that much about their relationship but she’ll end up getting hurt if he doesn’t figure out exactly what he wants. Meh. Whatever. I think that No Ra’s son will slowly come around because he is starting to see how much No Ra is changing and how much effort she is putting in. I think his girlfriend is helping with the change too. The kid needs to let loose a little.

Marakeshsparrow: SO glad that No Ra isn’t backing down. I was a little afraid she would get conflicted and consider quitting school, but nope! She does her thing. Had to say, I really loved that moment when she just ignored her son, it shows him she’s serious about school and means to do her best not to “embarrass” him. I am thinking he’ll start to loosen up--that moment in the club was pretty funny. Glad he figured out how to dance, hahaha. But yeah, I’m loving that No Ra’s spirit is coming back! She even got to join the dance club! I’m seriously loving her connection with that kid, he’s finally seeing how cool No Ra actually is. I’m wondering if he won’t end up developing a bit of a crush on her? (o^皿^)  Regardless, No Ra is finally getting to experience normal student life. Good for her!

Tiara: Min Soo had been just down right rude and hateful towards his mama. He’s a mini-me of his father clearly, but we’re starting to see his mother shine in him. At the dance club, him learning to dance just made me think this is what he got from his mom. He’s breaking his dad’s rule of studying and dating. No Ra is quietly telling him to enjoy his college life and let loose. She’s living the life of a college kid, something she wasn’t able to do with a kid when she was his age and I think he’s starting to see it a bit. I do hope to see Min Soo grow out of his selfishness. I don’t care for his relationship issues, but I do like watching the kid break out of his comfort zone. I wonder how he will react towards his father when he finds out he wants to divorce his mom and he’s got a girlfriend/new step-mom in the wings. Speaking of Dr Jerkface and his girl, I’m glad No Ra knows.

Amy: I was so happy when No Ra found out about Dr. Jerkface’s affair. I was really hoping she would because what is the point in dragging that out longer? No Ra needs to know what Dr. Jerkface is up to so that she can see things clearly and realize how bad her marriage is. Dr. Jerkface does not treat her well. She needs to realize that, find a way to stand on her feet, and move on.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes, yes, yes . . . that reveal! I was soooo rooting for them to get caught red handed, am glad she knows now. Though honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t drag that out a bit longer! Still, I hope she kicks him to the curb now and agrees to the divorce. Dr. Jerkface is such a toxic person for No Ra; he dampens her fiery spirit. I just know he’s going to turn around and decide he still loves No Ra or something though--then he’ll be the one who doesn’t want to get divorced. Ha! Just wait. How satisfying will it be when she shuts him down?

Tiara: It will be interesting to see how No Ra starts her new life away from Dr. Jerkface. I’m wondering what will happen when Hyun Suk finds out about their non-happy life and how they're soon to be divorced. This will probably not end in Dr. Jerkface nor his girlfriend’s favor. Heck, he made it his mission to tell the girlfriend’s father about Dr. Jerkface’s wife. Ha!

Amy: Hee hee hee! I love Hyun Suk’s meddling. When he met their friend to ask her to help him with their little get together he was too cute. I think that No Ra will have a good support system in place when she does get divorced because of her friends. Friends who will dress like high school students with minimal embarrassment will obviously be there for you. Ha ha!

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Yes! Yes! Their escapades in their high school uniforms was so much fun! I loved watching them dance and sing along to the songs from their youth. I think No Ra is starting to see Hyun Suk in a different light than she had in the past. She always liked him and thought of him as a friend, but now she's realizing what a great guy he really is. I like her little drawing in her diary. She made herself look a little starry eyed. Awwwwwww!

Tiara: I enjoyed the April Fools day with the school uniforms--by far my favorite part this week. The things Hyun Suk will do for No Ra. He’s always put her first which is something she’s never experienced. I’m glad he finally knows she’s not dying. I’m glad the drama didn’t drag No Ra is supposedly dying for long. It was the correct amount of time for Hyun Suk to see the woman instead of his anger towards her. It will be interesting to find out how their relationship moves from here.

Marakeshsparrow: Again, I'm super surprised this came out so quickly. But it's a pleasant surprise. I really like the dramas tvN has been putting out recently (Oh My Ghostess was awesome). They break the mold of the typical drama plot devices and turn them on their head playfully. Though there was the "you're dying of cancer" element, the fact that it was such a ridiculous mistake, that it wasn't strung out episode after episode, and that Hyun Suk didn't get mad all made this seem really fresh! I'm really enjoying this drama so far. 

Amy: I was so afraid that Hyun Suk would be mad at No Ra and then relieved when he hugged her. Ha ha! I didn’t want to go through a couple of episodes of him being mad and avoiding her either. I am curious about what will happen now too. I’m conflicted because I want No Ra to be in a relationship with Hyun Suk but I also want her to experience being alone so that she knows she can be alone and it is okay. I don’t want Hyun Suk to be sad, though! Wah! What will they do???? Ha ha!

Tiara: I’m right there with you Amy. She’s always been a wife or mother for the last twenty years. She hasn’t been No Ra for a long time. It’s okay for her to live by herself. Hyun Suk can’t be a superhero and defeat her villains. She’s got to be able to stand up for herself and take her life into her own hands. She may need to live on her own, but she’ll always have the friends she's making to support her. However, I’m perfectly okay with her dating Hyun Suk. She can have the experience of being a carefree girl in love and being spoiled by her boyfriend. Who says she can’t have her cake and eat it too? *wink*

Marakeshsparrow: I like the sound of that, Tiara! I'm all for her finding herself and her independence. Then she and Hyun Suk can come together as equal partners. And live happily ever after!  ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

Well there you have it, students! Another week down. Now that all these truths are out, maybe there will be some exciting new changes happening in episodes 7 & 8! I don't know about you, but I am eagerly awaiting the maiden voyage of the Hyun Suk/No Ra ship (who's got a bottle of champagne to break on the mast?) I guess we won't know what happens next until Friday and Saturday though. The weekend just ended and yet it can't come quickly enough! All right, back to school, all of you! But don't forget to join us next time at the Twenty Again Drama Club! 

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