Love is in the air, students! Now that Ha No Ra is shining like a star, it seems Cha Hyun Suk has finally accepted that he still has feelings for her. Even her own husband (also knows as Dr. Jerkface) is starting to realize that he might be letting go of something special. In fact, it seems like all the men in No Ra's life are coming around — Min Soo, our resident Choreographer, and even the new partner, Dan, all continue to warm more and more to No Ra. What is a girl (ahjummah) to do? Join Amy, Tiara, et moi, Marakeshsparrow as we break down this week's episodes of Twenty Again and discuss! 

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Marakeshsparrow: Oh man! Things keep getting juicier and juicier as the weeks go on! I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen after Cha Hyun Suk and Dr. Jerkface saw No Ra dancing on stage and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. It was sad going back into Hyun Suk’s memories though. He was on the verge of telling her his feelings and then got called to go see his family. What are the odds she would have been stolen away the night he had to leave! I wonder how different things would have been if he’d been able to stay for the show and keep their “date” afterwards. I have a feeling No Ra would have had a completely different life. But! Things happen for a reason. What do you ladies think?

Amy: I was sad to see that too but you’re right about everything happening for a reason. Like No Ra said, having a kid is not a regret and she wouldn’t have Min Soo if she hadn’t met Dr. Jerkface that night. That whole flashback made me wonder if Dr. Jerkface ever had a chance to fall in love with No Ra. It seemed like he was attracted to her, sure, but attraction doesn’t equal love and their lives got so busy with a baby, moving to a different country, and school that I wonder if he ever really fell in love with No Ra or just got used to having her around and took her love for granted.

Tiara: Dr Jerkface clearly fell in lust, not love. The only honest thing he did was take responsibility for No Ra and his kid. It’s not a marriage either of us wanted for No Ra, but Min Soo is her world and she wouldn’t give it up for anything. It was interesting to see him see No Ra dance again as the memories of their first night came back. Yet those are shortly lived as the real No Ra is finally standing up. She is no longer keeping quiet and letting him make her decisions for her. As for Hyun Suk, it’s heartbreaking to see him realize his true feelings for No Ra still haven’t changed. At this point, he thinks No Ra is madly in love with her cheating husband, which is far from the truth. I do wonder what Hyun Suk will do when he finds out about the agreement between Dr Jerkface and No Ra.

Marakeshsparrow: I am SO hungry for Hyun Suk to find out the truth. He keeps assuming they’re happy, which honestly, I don’t know how he can. Every time he spots them they seem so awkward and unhappy with each other. I guess in the insecure mind of someone in love, he sees his chance with her as a total lost cause, but dang--snap out of it, guy! I want him to push Dr. Jerkface out of the picture for good. What amazed me, in regards to Dr. Jerkface, is that even though he is starting to see No Ra in a different light and possibly realizing he has some feelings for her, his greed for rising up the ranks still totally trumps his desire to try to salvage his family life. I loved the moment where he was debating between No Ra and Yi Jin and how the scales kept tipping because Yi Jin comes with the school and more success. What a butt hole. Hahaha. I was honestly thinking he would start to fight for No Ra (though there’s still a chance the cards get dealt that way). Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Amy: I think that Hyun Suk just wants No Ra happy and thinks that she will be happy with Dr. Jerkface because of what her friend told him. Clearly not the case anymore but No Ra doesn’t talk about her husband or her feelings so of course Hyun Suk is clueless. I think that Dr. Jerkface is slowly leaning toward No Ra as her true personality comes out. His greed may win him over in the end but I dislike him so much that I’m hoping he just loses everything.

Tiara: I find it funny Yi Jin is coming to see Dr Jerkface in a new light. His greed is more important to him than his mistress. For her sake, she needs to take off her rose colored glasses when it comes to him. She could be stuck in a loveless marriage like No Ra. Not that I think Yi Jin is an innocent. I’m sure Yi Jin loves him, but I know Dr Jerkface couldn't care less about love. This only makes Hyun Suk become more of a hero in my eyes for wanting to put No Ra first.

Marakeshsparrow: I honestly feel a little bad for Yi Jin. I don’t think she’s really that bad of a person, just DUMB. SO DUMB. I’ll never understand women who get into relationships with married men and expect them to leave their wives. That rarely works out well. In her case, I guess she was on the verge of successfully having Dr. Jerkface (though would would want him?) but she doesn’t realize he’s marrying her for selfish reasons. //shrugs// She got herself into it though! So I can’t feel that bad. Hyun Suk on the other hand is a shining example of selflessness. Despite his feelings for No Ra, he just wants her to be happy. That’s real love, ladies and gents. Now that No Ra has put her foot down about getting divorced, I really really hope the truth comes out to her close acquaintances at least. I’m sure she won’t want to make it too public since she’s still fairly considerate and probably wouldn’t want talk all over the school, but come on, she’s got to open up to someone. I wonder what he’ll think when he finds out? he he he //laughs and rubs hands together evilly// 

Amy: I’m so excited for Hyun Suk to find out about the divorce. I’m wondering, though, if Dr. Jerkface will try to do something to put it off because he wants to keep No Ra in his grasp. Sigh. I really don’t like that thought. I’m so glad No Ra has true friends to lean on. Hopefully No Ra will just go through with the divorce even if Dr. Jerkface tries to put it off.

Tiara: Min Soo is the real big payoff and my favorite this week. He’s finally getting to see past his parents as parents and start to see them as adults/human with problems, feelings, and wants. I’m happy he found the agreement for divorce and he began to question his parent’s relationship. No child wants to see their parents separate, but once he finds out most of the facts behind it, not to mention seeing his dad’s reaction he starts to understand. His response of being angry and was shouting at her for wasting money on him totally rang true and credible. He’s frightened for his mom for not telling him about her fake cancer. It’s a great breakthrough for Min Soo to finally see his mom. I loved it when he tells her he’s sorry for being selfish and lovely. That scene is a real a tearjerker for sure.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes, yes, yes--couldn’t agree with you more, Tiara! That was definitely one of my favorite parts this week. I was a bit choked up! Min Soo’s always been such a mini-version of the big butthole in the family (lol) and now I’m so happy he’s coming around and getting away from his father’s influence. I actually had a moment, when he showed up at the dance studio, where I thought “what if Min Soo decides to follow his mom’s path instead and pursues dance?” He’s currently not doing too hot with his grades, and I get a sense he works hard and studies hard just to impress his father, not because he actually has any passion or desire to become this great scholar. I think Dr. Jerkface has some of his own regrets, possibly feels like he would have gotten that much farther in life if he hadn’t been tied down to a family at such a young age (which I’m pretty sure is why he forbids his son from dating until he graduates). Now he’s trying to live out his dream through his son. But I just have this creeping suspicion that his passion may turn out to be in the arts. That’s what I hope anyway! I think both he and No Ra just need to get away from Dr. Jerkface’s toxic energy.

Amy: I agree with you. When I was watching episode 10 I was thinking about how much I wanted No Ra and Min Soo to get a place together away from Dr. Jerkface. I’m glad both of them are experiencing what relationships should be like and learning that Dr. Jerkface just doesn’t cut it. Speaking of, wasn’t No Ra’s first date adorable? No Ra’s dress, though, what was that?

Tiara: I’m sad about No Ra has to switch partners. Soon Nam is pretty amazing and I loved his three favorite and one least favorite. He has a big crush, but I can’t say I fault him for it. He’s right about No Ra not expressing her feelings. Given, she promised Dr Jerkface and her son, she would pretend they didn’t recognize each other. Fingers cross Min Soo say screw pretending. Nevertheless, Dan is a great second partner. She’s getting to finally see what a healthy relationship is like. She’s coming to understand a relationship is a give and take between partners. Her date took the time to ask her opinion, explain things, and pay attention to her. Dan totally gets brownie points for the date at the park to watch a movie.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, first off--THAT DRESS. Everyone kept dropping their jaws when they saw her. Was it actually because they couldn’t believe what she was wearing? Because that thing was crazy. She looked pretty, just because...well, she’s pretty. But what a wardrobe! Secondly, so sad to see Soon Nam go as her partner, at least they still have the club and Cha Hyun Suk’s class. Dan seems like a really sweet guy though. Glad she is getting to experience dating. Now she just needs to do the real thing. With Hyun Suk!

So there you have it! Ha No Ra has so many admirers right now! Better late than never, right? What did you all think? Are the sparks flying? Who do you want her to choose? I can't wait to see what's going to happen next week, now that No Ra has put her foot down about the divorce. And when will Cha Hyun Suk learn the truth? Join us again next week for more discussion!  

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