A lot happened this week in Twenty Again. No Ra is getting to know herself again, falling in love, letting go, and learning how to live on her own. Come discuss episodes 11 and 12 with Tiara and Amy! Jessica will be back next week.

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Tiara: Finally, we get to see No Ra’s feelings towards Hyun Suk. Yep. We're going to start with this one. We know how Hyun Suk feels about her, only we never saw her feelings toward him. Boy did the drama not disappoint. I’m enjoying how confused, she is running around Hyun Suk since we’ve seen Hyun Suk do the same thing week after week. Of path, Mr Grumpypants will turn hot and cold fast than you can say anything, but this is what I’ve been awaiting for. Knowing she returns his feelings is going to make waiting for the next few episodes be torture

Amy: I got tickled watching No Ra question what her beating heart meant and tiptoeing around Hyun Suk because she wasn’t sure how to act around him. It was adorable. The whole situation did, however, make me question whether No Ra ever had those feelings for her husband because it seems like she is experiencing it for the first time.

Tiara: Her behavior clearly indicates she never experienced those feelings before. I’m surprised the drama hasn’t made her heart beating fast a joke yet. There's still plenty of time. Moving on, No Ra is realizing the support she received from Hyun Suk since she meet him was a great moment. She sees how his encouragement and love has helped her come into her true self. These two are so perfect for each other! Hurry up and start dating, darn it.

Amy: I’m glad No Ra finally realized that and came to the realization that she has actually been living as a divorced couple for four years. I was very proud of her in that moment. She realized that her life had been revolving around Dr. Jerkface for so long that she just needed time to get used to being alone and once she got used to the idea she was ready to let go. Of course Dr. Jerkface isn’t ready because he needs to control No Ra for some strange reason. It makes me wonder what happened their first night together because I’m not entirely sure No Ra was one hundred percent willing to make baby Min Soo with him.

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Tiara: Did we have to talk about Dr Jerkface? Can’t I just exist in my happy bubble with No Ra and Hyun Suk? Fine… Dr Jerkface needs to be hit by the truck of doom ASAP. I just want him to go away. Don’t care how it is done. He's a real control freak. He can’t stand to see No Ra want to leave him when he’s spent the last four years … FOUR YEARS telling her they aren’t married. GRRR!!! So yeah, can the drama gods do something about this?

Amy: Like No Ra said, he has narcissistic personality disorder. Everything has to revolve around Dr. Jerkface. I can’t tell you how happy I was when Yi Jin caught him in his lies. Of course he still thinks that everything is about him but hopefully No Ra will be rid of him soon. I don’t see Dr. Jerkface experiencing any kind of growth like Min Soo. I feel like a proud mama every time I see Min Soo stand up for his mom and make the right decision.

Tiara: Yi Jin figuring out who No Ra is and No Ra telling her Professor to have Dr Jerkface was impressive. At times, I feel a tab bad towards Yi Jin. She isn’t innocent about being with a married man, but knowing how Dr Jerkface operates I get the impression she was being manipulated by him to a point. She’s starting to see his true colors, now. It will be interesting to see what she will do when she finds out Dr Jerkface wants to fight No Ra about divorcing. Fingers crossed, Yi Jin helps her student out by getting her out of a bad marriage. It would be a great character growth for her. As for No Ra’s son, I need tissues whenever Min Soo is on screen with his mom. That boy is super adorable. .

Amy: I forgot to mention that when Yi Jin was trying to figure out what was going on her investigation was pretty funny. “I feel like I left the bathroom without wiping my butt.” I mean, I did not expect those words to come out of Yi Jin’s mouth. Ha ha! I definitely think that there is more to her than we’re getting right now and I hope you’re right that she helps No Ra. I was so angry when Dr. Jerkface tore their divorce agreement. Why can’t we reach through our screens to slap the fictional characters? How about something cute? How adorable was it when No Ra gave Min Soo allowance with the money she earned? No Ra really is like a kid growing up and discovering her true self.

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Tiara: I was hoping Min Soo would have taken his mom out with the money. There’s still time for him to have a dinner date with her. I’m hoping he’s the one who outs No Ra being his mom while they are at school. He’s already helping her in public. The growth of this character just makes my heart flutter. I did do some squealing when Hyun Suk gave some love advice to Min Soo. Hyun Suk has no idea who the boy was and my grin just kept getting larger. Not a bad first encounter between the two, but I think Min Soo would be accepting of him. Hyun Suk has done the one thing his dad never did, love No Ra.

Amy: I got way too excited and happy when Hyun Suk gave Min Soo advice because he was acting like a real role model for Min Soo and it was adorable. I think Min Soo needs a man in his life who actually balances life with work. You gotta have time to play too and it makes me happy that Min Soo is figuring that out. I’m thinking Min Soo’s girl will catch him with No Ra eventually. I don’t think their relationship will stay a secret long. How adorable was it when No Ra pointed out Hyun Suk’s dimples by the way? I may have giggled too much when that happened.

Tiara: Well, she’s right about his dimples. That boy needs to grin more frequently. I was giggling when Seung Hyun asked him if he likes No Ra. Ha! It isn’t a secret his feelings toward her. Why do I get the feeling she and Soon Nam might help get these two love birds together. Please drama make this come about. You’re completely right about Min Soo needed a good male character model. His father is demanding and controlling when to comes to all things in Min Soo’s life. The Min Soo from the first few episodes was seeing a mini-me version of Dr Jerkface in the making. Nevertheless, the college has mellowed him out with the support of his mom. He’s turning into a fine young adult male. Having Hyun Suk’s influence could only make him in a great young man.

Amy: Agreed. I think that if Min Soo takes a little from every adult in his life including Dr. Jerkface he’ll turn out alright. I know he has been questioning what it is to be an adult so that is a sure sign that he is ready to go. I love your idea of Seung Hyun and Soon Nam getting Hyun Suk and No Ra together. That would be adorable and maybe Seung Hyun and Soon Nam would grow closer in the process. Hee hee hee. Excellent.

What do you think? Will No Ra finally get divorced and confess to Hyun Suk? Will Dr. Jerkface ever stop thinking about himself? Will Min Soo figure out what it means to be an adult? Will Seung Hyun and Soon Nam start dating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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