Welcome back, Students, to the last Drama Club for Twenty Again! I'm feeling a little emotional, we've come so far, learned so much! What do we do now that everything is over? ( ≧Д≦) This week we were afraid that the drama was going to back-track a bit, keeping our OTP apart and preventing No Ra from claiming her happiness — but thankfully all's well that ends well! No Ra and Hyun Suk are finally on the same page, Dr. Jerkface is finally not being such a...well...jerk face, and even Min Soo is off exploring the world and finding his own path. There is much to discuss in these last two episode and much to celebrate! Join Amy, Tiara, and me, Marakeshsparrow as we break it all down for you one last time!

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Marakeshsparrow: So I have to say--episode 15 really threw me for a loop. I was not expecting No Ra to push Hyun Suk away the way she did. I mean, I can understand her wanting to stand on her own and be independent, in fact I applaud it! But I was really frustrated that she couldn’t at least be honest with him. She liked him so much yet made him feel like she wanted him out of her life! //fumes// I was so worried episode 16 would be ‘1 YEAR LATER’ --thankfully the last episode did a really nice job of wrapping things up and only skipped a few weeks as opposed to a year. Very happy about that. What did you ladies think?

Amy: I did not understand her actions. I totally got wanting to be independent but I thought she went about it all wrong. She should have told Hyun Suk that she wanted him to wait when he asked. Sigh. No Ra. I’m just glad she came to her senses. I think that she could have achieved independence even while dating Hyun Suk but it probably would have been difficult for him to not help her.

Tiara: I agree with you two on both. I wished we were in No Ra’s POV a bit more to understand why she felt pushing Hyun Suk away was the right option. I get No Ra feels grateful towards her “fairy godmother”, but she doesn’t want to feel indebted to his kindness. I’m glad she didn’t leap for one guy to another one which she could’ve. Instead, she wants to try to remain firm on her own two feet and become independent which was something taken away from her twenty years ago. I agree she could’ve have tried to explain this to Hyun Suk by asking for some space. I think the 3 months flash forward helped the separation period next seem like a waste. The drama and I would have had words if it was a year.

Marakeshsparrow: I was pretty much ready to throw my hands in the air in frustration by the way she kept pushing him away. I had a serious talk with my computer screen--

”Excuse me, drama? You know it’s the second to last episode, right? I think it’s about time for the main couple to actually get together.” 

Hahaha. But again, the finale really made up for my dissatisfaction with episode 15. I was so glad when it came out that Hyun Suk hadn’t actually given up on No Ra and he’d been watching her the whole time, and even realized she’d been watching him. Thank god, he wasn’t a total idiot and knew she just needed some time and space despite her insistence it was never going to happen. Cha Hyun Suk--you done good!

Amy: I was also happy that they didn’t push their reunion until the end of the episode. I would have been very angry if that had happened. I was very excited to see them being an adorable couple. I did, however, get so frustrated when Min Soo went on a date with Hye Mi. I thought he was going to get back together with her and just follow her around like a puppy. It was nice to see that instead he went off on his own to find out who he is and Hye Mi started focusing on school. I think they needed that time apart to figure things out and realize they don’t need to focus on each other so much when they have more important things to do. I did get a little scare, though, when they hesitated to get on the last ferry. I thought Min Soo would repeat his parents’ mistake for a split second. Ha ha ha!

Tiara: LOL, both Hyun Suk and No Ra are stalkers. I loved how they both just watched each other from afar for three months. Hahaha!!! It was great to see Min So go out into the world to figure out who he is and what he desires. The young couple’s last dat eave them the opportunity to do what they wanted to do before going their separate ways. Hye Mi may have started out as the girl who wanted to party, but learned studying isn’t such a bad thing. These two weren’t my favorite, but it was a nice conclusion for this part of their life. Young love will come and go… not everyone gets a second opportunity. But who knows, maybe 10 years they might meet again. The drama did a very respectable job of giving all the characters a nice ending. I can say I was reasonably happy with how everyone ending.

Marakeshsparrow: I was really glad to see Min Soo off on his own living his life and getting off the beaten path. I don’t know what he was doing...something overseas? But still, he looked happy and full of life. It was good they both moved on and started discovering more about themselves and what they should be doing in life. I feel like they’ve found a middle ground, Hye Mi is getting a little more serious and Min Soo more adventurous. Still at the end, it seemed like they had been writing to each other, right? And Hye Mi didn’t want to go on a group date because she was still dedicated to Min Soo. So I’m definitely guessing they are going to come back together and probably sooner rather than later. Surprisingly, one of my favorite transformations was with Dr. Jerkface and his Mistress. It seems like he truly had a reality check and now he is trying to live in a totally different way from before. He might actually be an ok guy after all! And I was happy that Yi Jin came back to see him and they pretty much just fell back into sync with each other. It was refreshing to see the “bad guys” turn their lives around and become good people.

Amy: Hye Mi and Min Soo were definitely still in contact with each other. I don’t mind them being together but I really thought that they were getting too attached to one another. You gotta know yourself before you can be in that committed of a relationship in my opinion. Surprisingly I was okay with Dr. Jerkface’s transformation too. I wanted him to get what was coming to him at first but since he was obviously making effort to do better I was okay with it. Sooooo...Was I the only one hoping that Hyun Suk and No Ra’s friends would start dating?

Tiara: Choi Won Young gets some major props for being capable to make such a horrible character sympathetic and humorist at times. I was surprised by how human like Dr Jerkface had come across instead of your normal KDrama mustache twirling villain. He’s still a villain who made very bad choices, only he was able to see first hand what those choices cost him. I was delighted to see him teach his new class about narcissistic personality disorder. There was also something interesting seeing Yi Jin and Dr Jerkface having lunch and telling each other what they like and dislike. It clearly showed them how much they didn’t know about one another after 4 years. They both were dishonesty not only to the external world by hiding their relationship but with each other. It makes for an unhealthy relationship which wouldn’t have endured long. I do believe they at one point care for one another, but they were too caught up in hiding they couldn't see the ugliness of their relationship. As much as I think Dr Jerkface should burn for his horrifying crimes, No Ra and him still are connected with Min Soo. I’m glad to see him trying to rebuild himself from the ground up on his own merits. Maybe he can redeem himself in the eyes of his son.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! I was really glad to see him starting from the ground up and determined to do it on his own without playing games. I also really loved No Ra and Jerkface’s last interaction. I’m glad it was civil--it really felt like they’d both found some peace and come to terms with things. Like Jane said, she wanted to leave the past in the past and look towards the future. And then he was able to give her the necklace he’d bought her--I don’t know, even though he was such an awful character for the majority of the drama, I was really glad that she accepted his necklace and they were able to end things on good terms. He’s definitely a talented actor! I give Choi Won Young major props! But--to revisit our OTP for a moment, there were some really cute moments in the last episode. I particularly love how No Ra was able to maintain her independence even in their relationship, how she wouldn’t back down about the lawyer who seemed to have a crush on her (or potentially just loved her spicy rice cakes) and then still showed her affection for Hyun Suk by slipping in some extra goodies in his portion of food. Their exchange was SO CUTE! Ah, I really love those two.

Amy: I loved that too. It was adorable when Hyun Suk was jealous and trying to get No Ra to keep the lawyer from coming but didn’t have a good enough reason. I also loved it when No Ra got dressed up for the premiere of Hyun Suk’s production and brought food for everyone. They were way too sweet and we got to see Sunbae again.

Tiara: There were some great OTP moments. So many to choose… Yay for kissing. I was super worried the drama would end without the big kiss. No Ra and Hyun Suk being childish towards each other. I enjoyed seeing Hyun Suk being jealous of another guy looking at his girl. OMG… the park. I was on cloud nine seeing them end up at the park. She learned what a real relationship is suppose to be like at the park and finally got a chance to experience it with someone she loves. I do think the young boy at the end is totally foreshadowing where Hyun Suk and No Ra’s relationship will end. At least … I can hope it was …

Marakeshsparrow: That was such a sweet moment to end it on! It got me right in the feels! I’m normally not a total sucker for fluff, but when Hyun Suk told the little boy that his “friend was sleeping”, I gave a big ol’ D’AWWWWWWWW. Such a lovely note to end on and also, I think you’re right--that little boy might have been some foreshadowing!

Amy: BABIES! Hee hee! It would be funny if she got pregnant at the same time as Hye Mi but that would have to happen a few years down the road. Father of the Bride 2 anyone? Anyway, I felt extremely satisfied with the ending of Twenty Again. Everything was wrapped up nicely and everyone down to Hyun Suk’s best friend are making changes and starting afresh. Very nice indeed.

So there you have it, Students! Another story has come to and end--and what a sweet, happily ever after! Everything wrapped up about how we were hoping without any loose ends to complain about. What did you all think? Did these last episodes leave you grinning or pining for more? Now that it's over, I know I'm going to miss these characters, but my imagination will fill in the blanks and make sure No Ro and everyone all stay on the road to happiness! Let us know in the comments below your thoughts and if you're going to miss Twenty Again as much as we are!

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