No Ra is finally coming into her own at school because of some advice she heard from Hyun Suk about Well Dying and Dr. Jerkface and Sour Milk are taking notice. How will No Ra's changes affect her relationships with her family, Hyun Suk, and the kids at school? Discuss the possibilities with us!

Tiara: No Ra got some great advice on how to deal with her life which was much needed. Death is going to occur when it does no one really knows, but to live your life to the fullest. Experience the now, which is something No Ra hasn’t been capable to really do for herself. She’s always worked hard for her family and never looked beyond those bonds. She’s become a shell of the feisty girl from twenty years ago. Of course, we’ve got a bucket list * clue in the comedy and music*

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Amy: Yes. I’m happy that No Ra got that advice because we were seeing her feisty self peeking through but we’re getting more of it now. If she isn’t afraid to be herself she’ll naturally attract like minded people and make friends. I’m excited that a couple of students are starting to accept her too. Dance guy is reluctant but I was proud of him when he stood up for No Ra.

Marakeshsparrow: I want to give a ‘Hallelujah!’ because No Ra is finally returning to the bright, feisty person she was when she was younger. I’m so glad she’s been invigorated and is determined to live life to the fullest! And I’m totally rooting for No Ra and Dance Guy to become friends. Loved when he stood up for her. I could tell he suddenly had more respect for her after learning she’d been a dancer. I think he’s going to be more receptive from now on. I can’t wait till he finds out that the dancer he’s looking for is none other than the “ahjumma” he wanted nothing to do with. Mainly because I want to see No Ra dance again! She’d make such a cool addition to their crew.

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Tiara: OMG, I’m falling for Soon Nam. He may not want No Ra there at first, but his speech to the class almost had me in weeping. I do think she is wearing the kids down. How can you not adore her? I can’t wait till he finds out she’s the girl from the video.

Amy: I was really hoping he would find out she is the girl from the video but it would be even better if he let her in the club before finding out. Hee hee! I didn’t like No Ra’s son the first couple of episodes and I’m still meh towards him but I’m starting to understand him now. I just wish he didn’t model his behavior after his jerk dad.

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Tiara: I’m halfway with you when it comes to Min Soo. I’m surprised his father made him sign a contract to not date anyone. It makes sense why Min Soo chooses to be focused on his studies. It also makes me think a small bit toward Dr Jerkface for not wanting his son to following his mistakes. Nevertheless, it’s the way Min Soo treats his mother. All she wants to do is take care of him, but he gives this air of being above his mom much like his father. He lacks the respect towards his mom which kind of drives me nut with his interactions with her. It will be interesting to see how he feels about her when he finds out she’s the one leaving the energy drinks.

Marakeshsparrow: I hate the way they treat her; like she’s so insignificant. Her philandering husband is one thing (Jerkface--I can’t even. Every time I see him I pretty much just want to slap him). But the fact that even her son doesn’t show much interest, respect or consideration for his mother is really annoying. I think he loves her, but he totally takes her for granted. On a side note: I loved how they both saw her acting all playful and bubbly the night she got drunk after finding out she wasn’t dying. It’s like they couldn’t believe it was her! I want to see more of that; I want to see them realize how amazing Ha No Ra really is.

Amy: Yeah. That is why I still don’t 100% like Min Soo. I think that he would respect his mom more if he thought about how hard it was for her to get married at a young age, rear him, and now go back to school but he is too focused on himself and unfortunately his dad’s ways are ingrained. Min Soo’s girlfriend though. Stalk much?


Tiara: Why do I feel like Hye Mi is in college only to husband shopping? This young lady has done all she can in getting her hooks into Min Soo. I don’t see her going towards a career after college unless it’s being a married woman. Finger cross No Ra helps Hye Mi think about herself as more than being a wife and mother. At this stage, she hasn’t really managed anything in terms of making me like her or not.

Marakeshsparrow: Dislike! Hye Mi has rubbed me wrong from the first moment she told Min Soo they were dating--/told/ him. I was like, “wow this girl is really pushy’, and she’s continued to exceed my expectations. Though she did come across like a stalker, planning how to get close to him, I could see why she liked him. Min Soo is serious about school and doesn’t play around with girls, she wants someone trustworthy she can rely on. In a way I felt like she showed some of her humanity in that part...but, she’s still annoying. Min Soo doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would be able to focus totally on a relationship, his aspirations and career goals will always take part of his time and attention. She’ill have to learn to be ok with that if she wants to be a good partner for him. Unless she can grow up a bit, I have a feeling she’s not the best fit for him.

Amy: That is what I don’t like about Hye Mi. She is too focused on being a couple and making sure everyone knows it. Possessive. I am thinking she has a story that makes her that way though. I loved Hyun Suk’s change after he found out that No Ra is dying. Hee hee! He is still a jerk but a nice one. I’m wondering what will happen when he finds out she is okay now.

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Tiara: Hyun Seok discovering No Ra’s non-terminal illness is fantastic. I’m enjoying and loving the misunderstanding. It’s clear he still cares for her even after twenty year. Her fake illness will only help him to let go of his pride and hurt towards her. I love how he’s trying to take care of her. I’m hoping he doesn’t turn back to Mr Grumpy Pants when it comes to light she isn’t dying anymore. I do wonder what Hyun Seok is planning? Is he trying to get husband and wife to talk? Or is he trying to help No Ra find out about her cheating husband?

Marakeshsparrow: Cha. Hyun. Suk. A man after my heart. No Ra seriously needs to drop what she’s doing with Jerkface and run--run don’t walk!--straight to Hyun Suk’s arms. Even when he was a teenager he was dreamy--so nerdy and cute! It’s so clear he still cares for her; when he’s tough on her it’s because he still feels pain from losing his first love. Sigh. Now that he’s protecting her because he thinks she’s dying, his heart is going to open up. SO EXCITED. Also--what was up with that ending moment??? Why did he let the cat out of the bag and call her husband there? AND THEN HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER. And smirked so smugly. щ(゜ロ゜щ) I seriously cannot wait to see what happens next.

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Amy: I’m curious about Hyun Suk’s plan too. I do think that No Ra and Dr. Jerkface need to talk but I don’t think he will admit his affair if they do. She needs to find out about that and drop him for good. It is interesting to watch Dr. Jerkface’s reactions to No Ra’s new behaviors though. I think he is going to keep getting more interested in her and start neglecting the mistress.

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Tiara: Oh, Dr Jerkface and his mistress are a piece of work. Their layout of when they will set about dating to getting married and experiencing their first kid, wow. They have this all planned out and it just makes me want to hug No Ra. I enjoy discovering the new changes in No Ra and it’s going to merge into her “family” life before long. Her family is starting to see the spunky girl she used to be. Dr Jerkface fell for No Ra for a reason, but the more she changes back to her old self the more her husband will probably start falling for his wife again. I only hope she signs those divorce papers soon. The farther she gets away from Dr Jerkface and closer to Hyun Seok, the more we discover the spirited and bold No Ra comes out.

Marakeshsparrow: I think we all know that Jerkface is going to fall back in love with his wife. (Mistress--what you got? You think you’re /better/ than Ha No Ra? hahaha) And I’m going to love watching him get rejected for the sexy, brilliant Cha Hyun Suk. Yes, yes, yes, so ready for No Ra to prove to the world that she is a shining star and deserves real love and respect! I’m sure there will be some more challenges along the way (the whole sexual harassment issue was so frustrating! Hoping that professor resigns and falls off the face of the Earth) but I know, whatever happens, No Ra will be able to pull through. She’s a spunky one!

What do you think? Will No Ra's school life finally start getting better? What will happen when Hyun Suk finds out she isn't dying and just what exactly is he planning? Is Sour Milk's girl with him just to land a husband? What will Dr. Jerkface do when he finds out No Ra is attending university? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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