Tiara: Today’s lesson class is about being growing into adulthood. College is a time to experience many new things to help mold you into a decent human being before going out into the big bad world and getting a job. No Ra may have missed the opportunity to be a carefree college student, but she’s not letting it get away from her this time around. She’s not having someone dictate her life. Rather, she’s taking life by the trumpet and running with it. No Ra’s also being a great/terrible influence on her son. So class, grab your pencils, grab your books and join Marakeshsparrow, Amy, and I as we examine the adulthood of the campus in this week’s Twenty Again.

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Tiara: No Ra is actually going away of her timid self she’s been stuck in for the last twenty years. With the help of Hyun Suk’s childish behavior, this spirited woman is finally being shown to her Jerkface husband and son. It’s really great to watch her stand for herself, her son, and towards her hubby. What do you think, ladies?

Marakeshsparrow: There was some major growth in both No Ra and her son this week! And then there were some other “adults” who were acting like KIDS //cough// Hyun Suk //cough//. I was totally frustrated by the way he started giving No Ra the cold shoulder once more--just because some assumptions he’s making (this is why we never assume anything, people). I was hoping finding out No Ra wasn’t dying would lead to more closeness, but no! Hyun Suk had to go and dash my hopes and dreams by being a really meanie! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that even here No Ra doesn’t take his bull. She stands up for herself, calling him out and showing that she’s not a person he can just pull this way and that.

Amy: I didn’t enjoy Hyun Suk’s behavior at all. I wish he would just talk to No Ra and find out what is going on but I don’t think she would tell him right away either. Those two need to clear up their misunderstandings. I’m glad he gave her a chance after she thanked him though. I think that woke him up a little bit.

Tiara: Mr Grumpypants was back to his old antics. Did he get possessed by an extraterrestrial being? I mean really what is his deal with the hot and cold attitude. I’m getting whiplash with his back and forth. It really was No Ra thankfulness towards all his good deeds which I believe helped him come to terms with his crankiness. We know his kindness has nothing to do with his debt toward her and everything to do with his feelings. I mean did you see the look that boy had seeing her dance?

Marakeshsparrow: Oh...My...Gawd… //clutches pearls// If that was not the look of someone realizing they were still head-over-heels in love with their high school crush, then I don’t know what is! Haha. And I felt like it was pretty clear everything he was doing was because he’s jealous and angry and /assumes/ (there’s that word again) that she is madly in love with her husband. But it was still so frustrating! I was so glad that they were friendly again after she thanked him for everything. That was such a sweet scene! ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ On a different note--my favorite moment, and the part where I was most proud of our No Ra, was when she straight out DENIED her husband. “I’ll cancel the divorce if you quit school.” I was worried for a moment she might bend to him, but No! Wahahahaha! She was ready to go through with the divorce if it meant quitting. No Ra, fighting!

Amy: Sigh. I really hope No Ra doesn’t give Dr. Jerkface the time of day because seeing No Ra stand up to him was, indeed, super satisfying. I would like to see her put him in his place permanently. Killing is wrong, though, right?

Tiara: It was a proud moment for us devotees to see No Ra putting her foot down on her husband's threats. I actually want the truck of doom to take out the Dr Jerkface. Please drama gods, you listening? He’s such a manipulative jerk. He isolated his wife from her family and friends for years. He will use their son, to keep her line. Heck, he does much the same to his son. The man is horrible! It delighted me greatly to see Min Soo be accepting towards his mom running to school. I do wonder how much of him, but wanting her there was actually his dad’s feeling projected onto him. Seeing Son and Mother blossoming by standing up to their evil tyrant overlord is just the greatest thing to ever see.

Marakeshsparrow: YESSSS. Was so happy Min Soo finally realized that his mom has his back and isn’t a threat to him at school. Also, can I just say she’s pretty much the coolest mom ever? But yeah, the part where even Min Soo spoke his mind in front of his dad and told him he didn’t mind having his mom at school was amazing! There’s a human in there yet! Between his mother and his girlfriend, Min Soo is definitely starting to chill out a bit. I love that he thinks dancing is fun--something he definitely got from his mom. Speaking of the dancing, I’m seriously loving her friendship with her two class partners, especially with the cute little choreographer. I can tell he’s really growing to like No Ra. Now he calls her “noona” --too cute!

Tiara: Ha-ha, those three are awesome. I loved how No Ra wanted to help get Seung Hyun’s money the bar short changed her. Can I say Soon Nam looked dashing in a suit? The whole scene had me in a fit of giggles. It’s not surprising she learned how to be a chic mom from dramas. Whoever said you can’t learn a thing or two from dramas. When he called her noona, it just melted my heart. I really love that kid. He’s so adorable. I love how he likes being her sunbae and wanting to take care of her. He totally has a crush on his noona. *wink*

Amy: Oh Soon Nam definitely has a crush on No Ra. While it is adorable I want him with Seung Hyun. Hee hee! I’ll enjoy watching him fall more into like with No Ra for sure, though!

Marakeshsparrow: I think he’s totally got a little crush on noona. hahahaha. And who doesn’t now? I was trying to read Jerkface’s expression at the end of the last episode when he saw her dancing--I wasn’t sure if it was “oh wow, my wife’s really amazing, why haven’t I seen her like this before?” or “OMG WHAT IS SHE DOING? I’M HERE WITH THE BOARD MEMBERS”. I really have a feeling that he is going to want her to take him back after a while. Either that or he’s going to become a total villain and start trying to get her kicked out of school in other ways.

Tiara: You have to remember Dr Jerkface fell for our No Ra during the dance trip she went on. There’s a good chance this could bring back those memories. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him try to rekindle their relationship after seeing the girl of his past. Can you just imagine what could have been if Hyun Suk didn’t miss the trip?

Amy: Aaaaaah. No Ra would definitely be in a happier place right now without Dr. Jerkface suppressing her but she wouldn’t have Min Soo. I think that Min Soo is worth all of the crap that No Ra has been through even if he is just now starting to treat her right. If his dad wasn’t such a jerk I don’t think he would have been like that to No Ra in the first place.

Marakeshsparrow: The whole past twenty years could have been totally different! BUT--things happen for a reason. I think No Ra was meant to raise Min Soo and then come into her own and reunite with Cha Hyun Suk. I am very excited to see what next week’s episodes bring after Jerkface and Grumpy Pants see her on stage. ~(^з^)-♡ I think the scales are about to tip!

Tiara: I can still dream of what could have been. It’s called fanfiction for a reason and I can dwell in my small world. Speaking of dreaming, Dr Jerkface’s girlfriend seems to believe No Ra isn’t married. Ha! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she learns the truth. She’s beginning to grow annoyed with Woo Chul and their position. Having to keep a relationship a secret and on the down low for as long as they have can’t be easy. Seeing one of her grown students be delivered roses is a gentle reminder of their situation.

Marakeshsparrow: Firstly, I was pretty shocked when I heard that they had been having a secret relationship for 4 YEARS. Did not realize they’d been together that long. But a bit of her humanity was shown when we saw how she was affected by No Ra’s roses. I feel like even she deserves someone better than Dr. Jerkface, someone who would send her bouquets and be able to bring her out of the shadows, rather than having to hide her away. At the same time, no one forced her to get involved with a married man. I have a feeling there are going to be some major changes in their relationship in the next few episodes as well.

Amy: I really hope that everyone just leaves Dr. Jerkface so that he has to reflect on himself and his actions. He needs to learn a lesson big time so that he’ll stop treating people poorly and not take the people in his life for granted. I don’t think he deserves any of the good people in his life right now. Grow up, Dr. Jerkface!

Tiara: The drama is slowly building up the relationships. Hyun Suk seems to be figuring out what we knew all along about his feelings for No Ra. However, she’s not the brightest bulb which makes it hard to tell what her feelings were/are towards him. We know she’d always consider him a friend and he does help bring out the best in her. No Ra’s relationship with her husband comes across as a lonely, cold, and unloved one. Her begging to not get divorce had nothing to do with devotion or love. Dr Jerkface and his girlfriend being together for years is not surprising, but it’s one built on secrets, lying, and darkness. It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards come crashing down. But does No Ra need to jump from one relationship to the next? I love Hyun Suk and want her with him. Yet I worry it's too fast. At this point, she needs to get a divorce ASPA and the rest can wait. Until next week, watch more dramas.

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