Twenty Again is such a popular hit series that the cast and crew have been given a bonus reward to travel to Thailand. Photos of beautiful star Choi Ji Woo traveling with her two handsome co-stars, Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Won Young, have been revealed. Take a look at these 9 photos!

Choi Ji Woo and fellow travelers were seen at the Incheon airport to embark on their reward journey to visit Thailand. (Check out the beautiful actress' blue nails.)

Photos were also posted by Choi Ji Woo's official homepage to reveal the beautiful star with Lee Sang Yoon and Choi Won Young:

It's really fun to see Choi Ji Woo and her two handsome co-stars traveling together. I'm sure they'll enjoy the well-earned vacation at the popular travel destination in Phuket, Thailand.

Many fans really love Twenty Again and sent the feel-good drama to our Top 10 Most Popular Shows week after week. It's an uplifting drama about personal growth and creating a purposeful new future despite unexpected obstacles. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

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