Welcome, movie lovers, to the wonderful review of the new film Twenty, starring the talented and handsome Kim Woo Bin along with Kang Ha Neul and Lee Junho. This movie is hilarious and explores various themes of what it's like to be in your twenties! There's steamy romance, a few hardships, and a lot of laughs. Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me as we discuss Twenty.

Jazmine: Alright Ladies! We have the task of talking about one of my new fave "coming of age" movies. We see a lot of different things that twenty-somethings face throughout the movie and as a twenty-something myself, I relate wholeheartedly. One of the first things I want to discuss comes up quickly in the film. Following your dreams, or doing something practical. Like choosing college or going to work? What do you think of our characters choices?

Wendilynn: I think this movie starts off with typical senior HS kid attitudes about this time of life. You have your dreamer, the practical “do it by the rules” and then we have Kim Woo Bin and his “I’m going to just screw girls all day”. Or what we like to call the “I have no flipping idea what I want” attitude. lol

Firnlambe: I believe the “I want the best of both worlds” mantra probably suits him best. He wants to stay a child //pointedly looks at his temper tantrum// yet he want’s all the benefits of adulthood //pointedly looks at the club scenes//. The poor boy is having a serious identity issue with his age.

Jazmine: His temper tantrum made me laugh so hard. I couldn't believe what was happening. I felt like I identified mostly with Woo Bin's character. There are few 20yr olds who know what they want to do. He just has the luxury of trying to figure out while being mostly financially stable.

Wendilynn: His parents made me laugh. They were as clueless as he was, but loved him anyway. Even if he made them bewildered. I have to wonder how many NG scenes they had with that tantrum because it was hysterical. His Dad trying to catch him to give him a half hearted beating. So funny. He tries to BS his Dad first, and then when that doesn’t work he just throws a fit. *shakes head with laughter*

Firnlambe: I can honestly say I did not expect so much comedic gold to come out of Woo Bin. I can’t decide what scene was my favorite. His dancing, the fight at the end or his evil chuckle when explaining he wants to become a director. Everyone else was great too, but maaaan Woo Bin wins the doofus trophy.

Jazmine: Woo Bin was crazy! I laughed so hard when he did that dance. It was also so cute. But switching gears to the character that was fighting Woo Bin for my love: Kyung Jae! Played by the adorable Kang Ha Neul. I really felt for him during the movie. He was like the voice of reason for the group. He went through a lot though with his sunbae and my heart went out for him.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie . . . Kyung Jae earned a lot of brownie points with me when he asked the class to delete what they recorded.

Wendilynn: Kyung Jae was a great character and Kang Ha Neul was really good playing him. I liked watching him first want to follow the rules and then learn that you can relax and just enjoy it and do your own thing. He wanted to be an intellectual and his disillusionment of what that means and watching him relax was great. I also really enjoyed his narration through the movie. He was a great “voice” for the movie.

Firnlambe: Agreed. I was also very pleased with how they moved along with the romance in the movie. I was particularly moved when Chi Ho honestly was heart broken at Eun Hye’s betrayal. Plus Kyung Jae’s sister and her relationship with Dong Woo was just sweet.

Jazmine: The romance in this movie was portrayed so well. Each character....I don't know how to put it but they really put themselves in their respective romances Kyung Jae's the most heartbreaking for me, but the relationship his sister had with Dong Woo was endearing. Chi Ho's however, took me for a roller coaster ride. He cheated on his girlfriend, fell in love with the other girl and got his heart broken. It was a whirlwind of emotions. And though I can't draw on any real relationships like that, the emotions mirror alot of young relationships today. Their timing was off.

Wendilynn: It was more than just timing. Chi Ho wasn’t taking care of his relationships either. He might have thought he was in love with the actress, but it wasn’t until he had the jealousy of sugar daddies to deal with that he finally broke up with So Min. He was in a very immature relationship with the actress. It really doesn’t matter that she valued money and position over love because she didn’t really feel valued or deeply special to Chi Ho in the first place. I do have to say that all 4 girls who played love interests through the movie did a great job in their roles. I”m not a big Jung So Min fan, but she was funny and likeable in this. She was not her usually annoying self. She was funny and sweet. And I loved when she slapped Chi Ho. Which reminds me… He totally deserved that beating he got for trying to schmooze that girl while the boys watched. lol

Firnlambe: My favorite moment with her was between So Min and Kyung Jae. His accidental confession and then the music they decided to play cracked me up. Anyone else recognize the music from G.A.G Concert? I honestly had to pause the movie I was laughing so much.

Jazmine: I didn't recognize the music at first but now that you mention it!! That scene was hilarious. I agree with you too Wendilynn, the actress girl didn't place much value in herself and she knew the boundaries of her relationship with Chi Ho. So yeah it was more than just their timing. Also, another "timing" thing was Dong Woo's decision to stop going to college and start work life. That parallels a lot for twenty-somethings. Often we have to put our dreams aside to pursue something that's stable. It's sad and I have to admit I got a little emotional about it. Dong Woo is trying to take care of family so he made that sacrifice but still...

Firnlambe: Dude his family . . . I would have cut my mother off from my bank account immediately after she decided to take money without asking first. Family bonds be damned. //sigh// I know it’s the culture to take care of their family, and that’s spectacular. I wholeheartedly approve. BUT that’s crossing a fine line between looking out for/respecting your family and said family blatantly ignoring common courtesy.

Wendilynn: When my kids went off to college we had a joint acct so I could transfer money easily. But then we made sure they had their own accts I couldn’t touch. Parents should not have access to all their kids accts that way. I did laugh at the conversation Dong Woo had with his Mom about girls and how she was a pretty girl who married his Dad for money. She really was a shallow thing and everyone was continuing to treat her that way. It made her comments both sad and funny as she talks about how all her faults are because she’s a pretty girl. Like it meant she had to be shallow and useless.

Jazmine: His mom was something else. She could of at least asked to borrow money, but nope. That was messed up. And yeah she was kinda shallow, but I kinda took as joking or at least I hope she was joking. Also Dong Woo's brother really guilt tripped him and to me made it seem like Dong Woo's dreams of being a cartoon artist so small compared to his dreams of being a lawyer. That wasn't right.

Wendilynn: Keep in mind, being a lawyer or prosecutor is a worthy profession with a higher status then some “cartoon artist”. Money over dreams and life satisfaction is a fact of life for many people.

Jazmine: That is true. Sad, but true.

Firnlambe: Well at least they were able to vent their frustrations out with the thugs that came to visit . . . I did mention that Woo Bin is hilarious in that scene right? Because dear lord his face when he “discovered” how to punch was priceless.

Wendilynn: That just may have been the funniest, most messed up fight I’ve ever seen. Those boys were getting their butts kicked, but they were going to give it all they got anyway. lol Did you catch the music they were playing? lol

Jazmine: I missed the music but omg that fight scene was glorious. Their reactions when they all got knocked to the ground. Woo Bin looking at his fist like it was a mystical source of power and the girls too! The girls cracked me up! They were fighting just as hard as the boys.

Wendilynn: That is one of the gems of this movie. The three boys and the two girls were always a team throughout the whole movie. Even when they didn’t get along, they cared about each other, teased each other, talked each other in and out of stupid things and when we get to the end and they are off to the military, they are still a team.

(fun fact, did you all know this "schwing" came from Wayne's World. Thanks Wendilynn for finding that!)

Jazmine: Okay ladies, so overall what'd you think? Would you recommend this movie?

Wendilynn: I would recommend this if you like funny coming of age movies. The acting is good and I would have no problem asking my guys to watch this with me. If you have small children, this is not small kid friendly with lots of talk about masterbation and sex, but it’s not too out of hand. *snort* This is a movie about friendship and growing up and I loved it.

Firnlambe: Yeah, definitely not kid friendly . . This is a movie you should watch at least once and then after putting the raunchy factor aside, I really did enjoy this movie, I may not watch the whole thing again--but I would watch my favorite scenes whenever I need a pick-me-up

Jazmine: I would also recommend this movie if you like coming of age films. If you're a twenty-something, like maybe early twenties, I would definitely recommend it. I'm 23 and besides some of more the sexual tones, I get this movie. And as Wendilynn and Firnlambe said, this movie is definitely not kid friendly. It's really funny though, and the acting is so good. It's a film I'll watch again. 

What did you think? What were your favorite parts? How much did you fangirl? Did you enjoy the story? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch Twenty now! Twenty is intended for mature audiences, and it contains raunchy humor, adult situations, and profanity.

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