Tiara: Forget school, it’s time to party, Twenty Again Drama Club. We've got so much to celebrate. After weeks of praying to the drama gods, our prayers have been answered with No Ra being granted a divorce. *throws confetti * Grab those drinks my friends and let give a cheer to our ever growing feelings of our OTP. Don’t be shy and come join the Twenty Again Bash with Amy, Jessica, and me.

Marakeshsparrow: I feel like a lot of things came to light in these last couple episodes. And it seems like our characters are really starting to understand things about themselves. I have to say for once it seems like Dr. Jerkface is having some self-awareness and realizes how poorly and unfairly he treated No Ra all those years. In a way, I feel kind of bad for him. DON’T ASK ME WHY. Hahaha. But it seems like he sees that he could have been a much better man and a better husband and regrets that he wasn’t there for No Ra the way he should have been. He’s still a big ol’ Jerkface (and I have to say Karma is in the process of really sticking it to him) but I can appreciate that he’s trying to make amends, even in his own narcissistic way.

Tiara: I agree with you about Dr Jerkface. The drama has done an amazing job of letting the character see how much he’s hurt and turned No Ra into the woman he wanted to divorce. It’s true, I’m right there with you on feeling some sympathy towards him, however his narcissism will pop up and destroy any good feelings towards him. Thank goodness, because he doesn’t deserve another opportunity with No Ra. He’s delusional if he believes he can win the love of a woman he crushed. Nope, no way, not going to happen. At least not on my watch … *rolls sleeves up*

Marakeshsparrow: Oh yeah, never going to happen! Any chance he /might/ have had (and let’s be real, there was never a good chance for him after No Ra came into her own) was lost when she found out he lied about that Washington conference and kept her from going to her grandmother’s funeral for no good reason. That was a fatal blow. I was pretty satisfied when she slapped the crap out of him after figuring that one out--have been waiting for someone to do that to him this whole drama! Now maybe No Ra can find some kind of peace over the whole matter and really move on and start over.

Tiara: Is it wrong, I replay the slap over and over again? I’m not a violent person, but the dude had it coming. Dr Jerkface actually did the right thing by letting No Ra go. I’m happy all the misdeeds have come to light for her to allow the past to stay in the past and propel onward. She’s got a full life ahead of her no matter what her age happens to be.

Amy: I’m glad No Ra finally figured it all out. I’m getting concerned, though, because it seems like she is questioning whether she should continue to go to college. I don’t see why she couldn’t complete her degree and get a job doing what she enjoys. Why does No Ra think she won’t look for a job after she graduates? I’m hoping she figures it all out in the last two episodes.

Marakeshsparrow: This whole time No Ra has been making steps towards coming fully into her own and taking back her power and the reins to her life. But I feel like now she has taken the final step. She’s FINALLY on her way to being officially divorced since they submitted the papers to the court and she’s figuring out what she really wants to do with her life, redefining why she came to school. I’m glad she’s found something where she can still apply her passion for dance and performance. I think she has amazing things ahead of her. And NOW Cha Hyun Suk has realized she likes him. SO CUTE. I love how he’s been playing with her, teasing her about how she feels. A part of me would like to see her stand on her own without anyone else, but at the same time, I feel like Hyun Suk was always the person she should have been with, so it makes sense that as she returns to the person she was before, she would return to Hyun Suk. Can they finally just get on the same page here? LOL //impatient//

Tiara: I would love to have seen No Ra’s insecurity and jealousy for Hyun Suk for awhile. It’s refreshing to see her be a girl coming into her own and figuring out her feelings towards a boy. However, the big moment this week is the grin on Hyun Suk’s face when he figures out No Ra likes him. *giggle* Darn that boy and his smile… and dimples… I agree completely with you on seeing him, teasing No Ra and her crush on him. The adorableness coming from these two is never enough for me. What I like about this relationship is how No Ra made a big impact on Hyun Suk. She saw something in him no one else did and encouraged him to be a producer. Fast forward twenty years, Hyun Suk is encouraging No Ra to stand tall and do whatever she dreams. These two make each other a better person together. About darn time to bring them to this place confessing their feelings and all…

Amy: I mean, they have to be one of the cutest drama couples ever. I loved how Hyun Suk put Dr. Jerkface in his place about love too. A love triangle? Please. You have no chance Dr. Jerkface. Hyun Suk and No Ra are too good together and they don’t have room for you in their relationship. While I agree that I’d like to see No Ra stand on her own, she has lived like a divorced woman for four years so I’m okay with her starting a relationship with Hyun Suk too.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes. They bring out the best in each other, support each other, and have fun together. Sounds like a match made in heaven! I wonder what Min Soo will think of her relationship with Cha Hyun Suk when it really all comes to light? Speaking of Min Soo, I feel like he’s in the process of figuring things out about himself as well. While his parents are both trying to make up for lost time, he’s trying to find the right path so he doesn’t make the same mistakes and regret things later in life. I had a moment when he met Shin Ye where I was wondering--oo, what if /they/ start to like each other? Haha! But I think she was a good example of following your passion, something he needs to keep hearing since he doesn’t seem to know what he should do: be a dutiful, good student like what his father expects, or live his life doing something he loves. I’m really rooting for him to find something he’s passionate about. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out to be dance or something like that?

Tiara: OMG, we are totally are on the same wave length. I was wondering if Min Soo would grow a crush on Shin Ye. It would be an upgrade IMO. Min Soo has grown into such an interesting character. I really love the moments seeing him be conflicted about his future. Yes, he wants to be a dutiful son and student by studying to get a better business now more than ever with his parents' divorce. He wants to protect his mom and take care of her. I can’t help but appreciate his reasons there. Yet, on the other hand, I don’t want him to hate his life. No Ra has always told him to live his life and do all the things in college other kids do. He’s found dance and I do believe it is something he should do. Possibly some more time with Master Hyun Suk could help make him more perspective on his dilemma.

Amy: Shin Ye would be a huge upgrade. I understand wanting to have fun but when it takes over your life too much that becomes a problem and a lot of mistakes may be made. I think Min Soo will get back together with Hye Mi though. I’m hoping they will be able to find a happy medium.

Marakeshsparrow: I definitely think Shin Ye would be an upgrade! Hye Mi is a little too flaky for Min Soo. He needs someone who can lighten him up, but at the same time is a bit more serious about what they do. However, I have a feeling they’re going to get back together and their little “break up” won’t last very long. I’m so glad Min Soo is not the bratty little poop he started out as. Whenever he’s interacting with his mom I get all emotional! They’re so cute! They’re lucky to have each other and I’m so glad he sees the truth about what his mother went through to raise him and how she deserves to live a full and happy life.

Tiara: Speaking of Shin Ye, I was disappointed in her this week. I get she has a one-sided crush on Hyun Suk. Nevertheless, she recognizes how he feels towards No Ra. Her lie was found out, which I was super glad there was no misunderstandings. I really liked Shin Ye and I still do, but I just wished she didn’t join the darkside of a jealous female not being able to get the lead male. Grr ...

Marakeshsparrow: I can understand why Shin Ye did what she did...but it doesn’t make me happy. I’m honestly a little surprised this jealous move came so late in the game. She’s been so good about standing back and helping the both of them (at least as much as she can, she’s definitely made some unintentional mistakes along the way). I guess she finally realized there was no hope and that Hyun Suk and No Ra really care about each other. I appreciate that she knew she was wrong and she seemed to regret what she did, mostly out of embarrassment of getting caught in her lie. But still--Shin Ye is not the type to be super petty or vindictive. She’s a smart, kind person and I think even the best people can do stupid things when love is involved. I’m so happy No Ra was there to take care of her when she was drunk and had no one else to turn to. I think she really does like No Ra and I’m sure the fact that she helped her and didn’t bring Hyun Suk into the equation will make her respect her even more. I think Shin Ye just had to get that last bit out of her system and now will be able to let go and move forward. BUT, now No Ra is running away so she won’t get in the way of Shin Ye. UGH! DON’T DO IT, NO RA! I’m glad Cha Hyun Suk is putting it all on the table. I can’t wait to see what happens now that he admitted he likes her too! \(^▽^)/

Amy: Hyun Suk has a strong hold on No Ra so she won’t go anywhere. Or at least that is what I hope. Talking about No Ra taking care of Shin Ye reminded me that No Ra’s excellent cooking skills have been highlighted a lot throughout Twenty Again and the guy working at her grandma’s place is going on auditions. I wonder if No Ra will take over for him…

Tiara: Hyun Suk isn’t going to allow No Ra to run away from him. Not after he’s figured out she likes him. Yay for the drama for not going into the last episode with her running. Speaking of running away, Dr Jerkface is staying clear away from Yi Jin. I really like scorned Yi Jin. She’s kinda of my hero for setting up her ex with blackmail. Evil really suits her …

Marakeshsparrow: Haha! Evil does suit her! But it doesn’t even seem evil when it’s directed at Dr. Jerkface because, let’s be honest, he deserves it. I love how her scheme to set him up didn’t play out the way she wanted, but it looks like her plans are not over. I wouldn’t usually be cheering the “evil” second female lead on like this, but since all her plotting is directed towards the butthole who scorned her (and ruined No Ra’s life) I’m 100% ok with it and actually look forward to what she’s got in store. It seems like she was ready with a camera when he went to pay off that girl who blackmailed him. I’m honestly surprised how stupid he is. He’s trying to separate himself from the scandal of the last psychology professor being bribed with money in a cakebox and then goes and hands a cakebox of money to his blackmailing student. I guess some people just never learn. Karma is a B*$@& Dr. Jerkface! Watch out!

Tiara: D-Day is just a little under a week ago, which makes me sad and excited at the same time. No Ra has grown a lot much as a character since episode 1. She may have started this journey to college to gain back her husband, but has come to see the woman she lost. Hyun Suk owes his life to No Ra for her encouragement. Twenty years later, he’s able to do for her what she did for him. As Jessica has said before, they bring out the best in each other which clearly shows how perfect a team these two are. No Ra should to have love and be in love. Let’s continue to this celebration for the next week, but remember to grab those boxes of tissues for the end. Until next week, watch more dramas.

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