BIG BANGS leader G Dragon and model Soo Joo became twins for the 17th anniversary issue of Vogue Korea! The two looked fabulously similar in long platinum blonde hair and matching outfits. The photo shoot revealed these two were for sure separated at birth! With their wigs, identical eye makeup and outfits, at times it was hard to tell them apart in the video. Both GD and Soo Joo came across completely sexy and androgynous, showing off lots of skin and sex appeal. They totally look like twins but good thing they're really not or else this shoot would just be um, awkward! If these pictures don't convince you, the video below will!

Um GD's abs though. That cant all be airbrushed right?! o_0


Cut out a picture of yourself and paste it over Soo Joo's face. ^_^


Warning: This video contains images of GD that may cause epic fan girl and fan boy reactions. Enjoy: KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE