Gyuri and Gyu

This makes me laugh so much! Ok so KARA is my favorite K-POP girl group besides F(x), and Gyuri who stars in Nail Shop Paris is the leader of that girl group. I've always thought Gyuri was really pretty, but sort of different looking. Now the entire time I've been watching her with this short haircut in NSP, I kept saying she looked like a little Puppet Boy. However today it hit me! She looks like the female version of actor Jung Gyu Woon! Look at them! They have the same eyes, same skin tone, same nose and the only difference is Gyu Woon is a beast of a man while Gyuri is obviously a tiny girl. Plus their names are sort of similar! Can you see it?! They can totally be twin brother and sister!

Gyu and Gyuri


G and G

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE