Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin

I have a story about these two! The first time I saw Son Ye Jin was in Personal Taste with Lee Min Ho. After that I saw Han Ga In for the first time in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and thought she looked really familiar. I was like, "Oh, she's in Personal Taste, right? No, maybe, she could be, how about I just Google?!" So I did, and of course discovered they were two different people but they look so much alike to me! They look like they could be sisters or even fraternal twins.

I think they share pretty much the same features except Han Ga In has a somewhat smaller face, so her features are shrunken if that makes any sense? (o_0)

Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In

Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In

What do you think? Do Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin share a similar look to you?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE