Twin Zone is back, and this is a good one for sure! So as a major fan of Roommate and currently watching You're the Best Lee Soon Shin, I noticed it! I realized for the first time that Roommate and Girls' Generation member Sunny looks really similar to actress Yoo In Na! Now could they be twins...maybe. There are moments where they do seem to look exactly alike, but for the most part, I think they could just pass for regular sisters. If you saw them together and didn't know who they were, most likely you would think they were related.

Notice both girls have similar face, eye, and nose shapes. When it comes to the lips, Sunny has a thinner upper lip. That's the feature I believe separates them from looking exactly alike. 

(Yoo In Ha Photo Credit: Star News)

Hard to believe, but Yoo In Na is actually 32 years old, and Sunny is 25!

Watch Sunny in the latest episode of Roommate:

How cute! Did you suddenly realize you need these two to be in a drama together? It would for sure be an aegyo explosion!

(Yoo In Ha Photo Credit: Sports Chosun)

Even their smiles are similar!

What do you think? Can Yoo In Na and Sunny pass for siblings?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE