CLC (씨엘씨, CrystaL Clear), Cube Entertainment's first girl group since 4Minute six years ago, hit the ground running last week with a showcase of their debut mini-album, First Love, and the MV release and live TV stages of their new song, "Pepe." Label-mate Rain had his juniors' backs, and here's how: 1) he created key choreography for the girls' debut song, and 2) he shared their mini-album cover with all of his fans on Instagram and Twitter.

He tweeted that the girls were cool kids, very cute and kind, and to please listen to their songs and love them a lot. What a guy. ^_^

It was at their debut album showcase at the AX Hall in Kwangjin on March 18 when CLC revealed Rain's guidance and support. "The focal point of 'Pepe' is the cuteness. The choreography for the chorus especially was created by Rain sunbaenim (선배님, senior)," the girls said. "The dance doesn’t come out in the music video. We’ll be showing it on stage, so look out for it.”

Those moves get a thumbs up from me for being precious and sexy at the same time. You can check them out for yourself in the group's March 19 live performance on Mnet's M! Countdown.

Guess what time it is? Time to break down the main three moves of the "Pepe" choreography and learn the Penguin dance, the Confused dance (Rain did the chorus, and this is only a part of that chorus), and the Shutter dance with English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles. Adorable, ha ha! They were taught the steps AND told in detail why they were doing them (because of sucky guys with sucky dating habits, LOL). 

I cracked up thinking about oppa Rain giving them the lowdown about guys pulling the wool over girls' eyes. keke~

Let's dance!

One thing I've been reading here and there across the K-Pop fan-scape is that these girls mesh perfectly as a whole, yet it's obvious that they have five distinct personalities, like a younger 4Minute for example. I totally agree. I've also heard that CLC has been holding small-scale benefit concerts for developmentally disabled children as well as busking on the streets of Seoul in English, Japanese, and Chinese. As a result, they already have a strong international fan base.

You know what they say — there's nothing like a fan cam to show what a performance is really like, without all the high-tech tricks and cut-aways of professional TV cameras. Check out this partial one, taken at their debut showcase. There's no mistaking that these girls are talented and delightful to watch, IMHO.

Lovely voices. Great beat. Catchy tune. Polished dancing. Do you like?

What you need to know: CLC's five members are Seung Yeon (18), Yee Eun (16), Yu Jin (18), SORN (18), and Seung Hee (19). SORN is Thai, which makes this Cube's first multinational girl group. She was signed to Cube after winning K-POP Star Hunt, Season 1.

Cube Entertainment says the group was given the name CrystaL Clear to always remind them that a crystal shines brilliantly regardless of its surrounding environment. I feel that CLC will be doing a lot of shining this year, and that they've gotten off to a brilliant start.

For English lyrics hot off the presses for "Pepe" and the rest of the mini-album, stroll on over to POP!GASA.

I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know these new sweethearts on the block.

씨엘씨, 화이팅! CLC, hwaiting!

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Images: Cube Entertainment, CLC Facebook

Videos: Mnet, 1theK, United Cube / Fan cam: ohbest

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